Apple updates iWork for iCloud with persistent document settings, keyboard shortcut tips, more



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    I hope I don't come off as a troll.

    I use the new pages for Mac and for iOS everyday. I've gotten used to the new interface, and I do kinda like it. It feels less complicated. There are still a couple of features that I really miss and can't wait till they get added back in. Number one for me is that in the old pages you could rearrange pages just by dragging them around in the side bar. In the new pages you can only rearrange whole "sections" which might be many many many pages long each.

    I find pages to be just as fast as the old version. However, when it comes to Numbers, the old version was actually much faster. I don't know why the new version isn't as fast. I assume it just hasn't had time to get optimized. But,if you have a sheet with say 10,000 rows, scrolling up and down is brutal. The screen doesn't have time to repaint while scrolling and so the check board pattern is showing most of the time that you're scrolling. The old numbers never had this problem.

    Fortunately, in my job, I don't use numbers but maybe once or twice a month. And I am convinced that they'll fix the problems. BTW, being able to seamlessly go from iOS pages to Mac pages with a document stored in iCloud is the friggen bomb! I can work on my iMac and when I have to go to the can, I can carry on almost immediately with the ipad on my lap. About a one minute delay or less in getting the update.

    If you're finding Numbers sluggish, you may want to wait for Numbers for iWatch to come out. As it'll be newly written, it's likely to be faster.

    Be warned, though, that it may take a bit of scrolling on the 2.5" screen to get to your 10,000th row.
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    buzdotsbuzdots Posts: 451member

    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    Is iWorks back to the feature set it had before the shit was ripped out of it? Or is it still crippled?


    Despite the "dogpile" by others, I agree with you.


    Having used iWork for years in a business environment, the new version (yes folks, I have used it) is less than a workable replacement.  Numbers is a sluggish, reformatting mess and until Pages gets Mail Merge it is crippled.


    Don't even think about upgrading your current docs to the new version and then changing your mind.  Backward compatibility is nonexistent and complete rebuilds will be in order.


    Most of the new features are good, but sacrificing basic functions sucks... ground-up rebuild or not.

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    I'm just waiting to be able to work with graphs on the web. I have don't have the OSX version, I just use ios and the web. Is there any way to get notified every time there's an update? I've just noticed a couple of updates because I happened to do a news search for it. Not exactly something you would expect to see a keynote presentation about. :)
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