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    Location: Asheboro, North Carolina

    ISP: Get On The

    Price: $29.99/month

    Speed: 350Kb/sec

    Oh yeah, that would be WIRELESS

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    Location: Vancouver, Ca.

    ISP: Telus

    Speed (supposedly): 2 Mbps

    Speed (according to that):867k8bs

    Speed (Max Downloaded): 180k/sec

    Im feeling so.... slow...

    My old connection:

    Location: Same

    ISP: Shaw@home

    Speed(supposedly): 1.5 MbpS

    Speed (according to things like that): 2.5Mbps

    Speed (Max Downloaded): 2MB/sec (16Mbps form Apple, some sort of compression?), 700k/sec (5.6Mbps,
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    Location: Southern California

    ISP: Time Warner/Road Runner

    Speed: Download: 1.1 - 1.6Mbps / Upload: 220 - 360kbps.

    Price: $44.99

    The speed results were gather through <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    Location: Mechelen, Belgium

    ISP: Pandora/Telenet

    Type: Cable

    Speed: 372 kbps right now

    Price: +/-38$/month
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