Apple releases iOS 7.1.2 with fixes for iBeacon, Mail, and accessory connectivity



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    No mention of whether Apple included the promised iMessage flaw where text messages continue to get intercepted by Apple's servers after a user switches their number over to a non-iOS phone.


    To anyone who has an issue with the update, are you doing this over-the-air or plugged into iTunes? If you do the update using iTunes, the update will reload the entire OS. The OTA update will only find and replace the changed and new files. While I have read accounts of issues using iTunes, it seems to me that most problems I've read about with freezing and bricking occur with the OTA update.


    I've done the updates both ways without any problem on four different devices, but with major updates, I always opt for the full sized update via iTunes. And with my iPhone, I have also done the factory reset a couple of times, primarily to flush the caches and free up the storage hoarded by some apps and the notorious "Other" category (includes botched downloads, system caches, and other stuff that just sits there until the phone is reset to factory condition).

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    Originally Posted by dsjander View Post


    iPhone 5 and iPad 3 both froze during normal upgrade from 7.1.1 to 7.1.2, but a forced shutdown brought both units back to normal life, reporting the new iOS version. But I agree horrible upgrade for a company that claims things just work.

    Same result here on both devices.  What a panic.  Dumb upgrades that don't operate properly on current hardware.

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    Now i am using ios 7.1.1 and i am going to ubgrate it to ios 7.1.2.But i never consiter that update it to ios8 because it is not so good as ios 7.1.2 so far.I'd like to use the barcode function of iphone to scan barcode.

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