Apple to reportedly kick off 'Back to School' promo on Tuesday with iTunes gift cards

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According to a report on Monday, Apple will be launching its annual summertime "Back to School" sale campaign tomorrow, with this year's promotion again bringing iTunes gift cards to students buying Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Ad for Apple's 2013 Back to School promotion.

Like the 2013 summer promo period, Apple is said to be handing out gift cards for the 2014 sale, redeemable through the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore.

Student buying Macs will reportedly receive a $100 gift card, while iPad and iPhone purchases will net a $50 gift card, according to MacRumors. In-store signage will likely be installed at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores overnight alongside a redressing of the Online Apple Store.

Previously a Mac and iPad only event, 2013 marked the first year that Apple brought its popular iPhone into the fold with a $50 gift card offer on qualifying purchases.

Details are scarce, but Apple has in past years restricted sales to college students, students accepted to college, parents of a college student or school faculty or staff for any grade level. The same limitations are thought to apply for this year's promotion.

Apple offers the gift cards on top of discounted student and faculty pricing as a way to drive sales in education, a major source of revenue for the Cupertino company.


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    It'd be cool if this applied to refurbs.
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    Ahh...Free music for the "rest of us!"
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    jlanddjlandd Posts: 873member
    Itunes Gift Cards don't hold a candle to cold, hard cash.
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    FedGoatFedGoat Posts: 54member
    "Itunes Gift Cards don't hold a candle to cold, hard cash."

    Students get $50 to $200 off the price of the computer and $66 or $110 off Applecare in addition to this. They are giving them cold hard cash Off the computer.
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    rashidrashid Posts: 1member
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