Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c leads in Europe, but platform mix rises with Samsung's Galaxy S5 debut



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    Windows has half as much marketshare as iOS? Really?! I doubt it.


    It's not Windows Phone but Nokia that is the driving force behind those numbers. Nokia like Apple still has a very large number of loyal customers, my self included. I have had a new Nokia phone every year since my first one in 92'. I also have one of the largest private collections of Nokia phones in Switzerland, which has even been visited by Nokia executives and featured in some of their litterateur. I've even received a few free phones from them including my latest Nokia 1020 which was a get well present from the vice president of marketing. I have been involved in many of their market research projects, In which I received phones to test out and then notate my experience, not only that but I've been an active beta tester on their development site for almost 15 years now. To say that I am an uber fan doesn't even scratch the surface. Though I'm not sure what's going to happen now that the company is owned by Microsoft, though I don't think it will matter as long as they keep producing products that I like. Windows 8, though not as popular as iOS or Android is still a good mobile OS. I like it's simplicity, speed and the tight integration the OS has with OneDrive. All phones can access cloud storage but the experience has always been as if it was an after thought, my Nokia 1020 has been absolutely pleasure to upload or download whatever I have in my cloud. Especially photos, not only are my photos uploaded to OneDrive every time I click the shudder but the technical detail as well like stop speed, ISO, lighting, GPS location, etc, even the RAW image file is uploaded automatically. The online photo gallery is also the best I've seen thus far. Even Nokia's first dabble with tablets was a good one, the Nokia 2520 is a pretty wonderful little gadget, with 12 hours of battery life on it's own and almost 16 when connected to the keyboard case, it's truly an all day computer and has probably the best camera found in a tablet today. The best part, it looks like a big version of my Nokia 1020, really cool. 


    I know no one wants to hear about my experience with a Windows mobile but I just wanted everyone to know that their are company's besides Apple that do try very hard to make their products the best that they can. Though I'm still very upset that they discontinued my favorite mobile OS of all time, Meego's, such a great system not to mention a wonderful phone that ran it the Nokia N9 and of course my favorite phone of all time the development version of the N9, the Nokia N950. Hands down the best of the best and I would love if Nokia took my 1020 and put the same keyboard on it. I have written may letters to them on the subject and have even pledge a large amount of money for a custom version, I want this more then a 20 carrot diamond ring.


    The Nokia 950 in all it's glory



    Why aren't there anymore good phones with keyboards, virtual keyboards are just okay but can never match the speed or accuracy of a hardware one. I hope Motorola's Droid 5 is good because I have been waiting forever a decent one. I donated to the Neo900 project and will probably get one of the first batches but it's still a dinosaur and not eve close to the performance I'm looking for. I've been in contact with Jolla about the possibilities of making a version with a keyboard, though they have several prototypes I doubt anything will come of it.

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    To Relic: I once saw a colleague using something like a Nokia 950 years before the iPhone, and it was the one phone that tempted me, but I didn't bite. I liked the flip-out keyboard.
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    To Relic: I once saw a colleague using something like a Nokia 950 years before the iPhone, and it was the one phone that tempted me, but I didn't bite. I liked the flip-out keyboard.


    Before the iPhone, that would have been a Nokia Communicator. I used them almost exclusively for many years. The best one being the 9500 but the best looking was the E7, hands down. Though technically not a Communicator for all intents and purposes it was one


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