Apple patents method of building seamless all-glass iOS devices, monitors and TVs



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    Originally Posted by rkanaga View Post


    This all makes perfect sense. If you believe the leaks on youtube re the iPhone 6 sapphire display it is strong, flexible and scratch proof.


    There's still no proof that's Sapphire glass at this point.

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    Has Apple ever been granted a patent before where they opted for a freehand sketch instead of something a draftsman would've created? I consider this a very different patent illustration for Apple. IMO, "vaguer" is better.
    Jony Ive is listed as one of the investors on the patent. He says he's terrible at drawing so maybe these are his sketches. :D Plus this isn't a design patent, it's a utility patent so perhaps the drawings don't have to be as precise.
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    Maybe everyone has already seen this, but here's a You Tube video of the actual 4.7" iPhone6 sapphire screen cover undergoing a torture test.


    Pretty impressive when he steps on one end and tries to break it by lifting the other with his hand. Brittle my a$$ - this is dang impressive!

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    It is hard for me to believe that this hand drawn sketches are from Apple's USPTO submission - Lack of dimensions or not!

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    Originally Posted by rob53 View Post


    I like the simple, hand drawn illustrations. These don't show any specific designs only engineering techniques, which should stand up to any challenges. Now that they have these patents, they can choose any design they want and by applying the engineering techniques, Samsung and others can't copy them because even Judge Koh can't ignore them.


    Shrewd observation. Something they should have learned a decade prior.

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    darendino wrote: »
    I like this idea very much.

    Imagine a glass iMac with no hard drive or ports to make it even thinner, but using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to USB devices and external Hard Drive devices.

    No way. I'll take security over wireless convenience. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how computers work. USB3 has 5gbits of bandwidth. PCIe Hard drives are being used on the Macbook, MacPro and iMac push around 8Gbits. 802.11ad is 6.75Gb, and that is an awful lot of extra radio circuity for something that is going to be less than 2 meters away.

    Point of reference, AP's bleed out and can be eavesdropped from more than 1km away. Even though their rated outdoor distance is like 115 meters. Encryption or not.

    Wireless is for convenience, not replacement, of secure high bandwidth cost-effective approaches.

    Anyhow. An all-glass/all-sapphire chassis for an iPod/iPhone is viable because it's impractical to build connectors to fit on the device. Everything else is too heavy and fragile.

    iMac's, Monitors and TV's that are all-glass have a different practical use because they are often installed and not repeatedly moved. Rather they are connected to Switch/Hubs for ports and all the wear is against those.
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    Originally Posted by DarenDino View Post


    Originally Posted by pmz View Post


    1. Apple patents all-glass electronics


    2. Apple builds all-glass eletronics


    3. Samsung laughs at the joke-of-a US patent system, and makes one too, and gets away with it.


    4. Apple rips them a new asshole :-)



    5. Forum trolls post "Apple should innovate, not litigate."

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    Originally Posted by radster360 View Post


    It is hard for me to believe that this hand drawn sketches are from Apple's USPTO submission - Lack of dimensions or not!


    Who says USPTO won't accept drunken submissions scrawled on bar napkins?

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    this would be waterproof
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    The entire staff of iFixIt just had nervous breakdowns.

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    Originally Posted by alcstarheel View Post

    Paves the way for this design, no?


    No. The only bangles I want mashed are women’s on me. Something like this is useless to anyone.

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