Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 6' to sport localized haptic feedback, linear oscillating motor



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    rpsxrpsx Posts: 46member

    when i worked in nokia design, on a trip to japan 10 years ago, i met with panasonic and they had set up a conference room with a huge layout of hardware UI parts. they had a "haptic feedback" demo, basically a mobile with a screen that was on, and when you touched the screen, the "hammer" would fire. 


    i gotta say - it was mind-blowing. the effect was *no different* from pressing a physical button. without having tried it myself, i wouldn't have really understood someone telling me about the experience. from that second, it seemed obvious to me that they'd be used in every touchscreen everywhere, but for some reason, that didn't happen (too early, physical restrictions, wear to the screen... who knows). if apple is doing this, it will really enhance the user experience. 

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    I'd love a much gentler vibration. I don't need my iPhone to take off.
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