Netflix quietly updates Apple TV channel with 'Post-Play' feature for TV shows



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    It's a great feature - as long as you're awake to enjoy it!

    I found my data usage had increased dramatically from normal, and (using Netuse Traffic Monitor, OS X) found it had continued to play several (I think up to 5 total, before it checks to see if you're still there) long after I had fallen asleep to the TV. Since I was watching HD episodes, this added up to about 6 GB of traffic I wasn't actually making use of. Doing this for a month would add another 180 GB of bandwidth. I have a 300 GB data cap, and even watching several movies a day, plus YouTubes and web surfing, I seldom even went over half of that.

    Like I said, it's a great feature. It just doesn't quite work out for those of us who habitually fall asleep to TV.
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