Tests find Apple's Siri improving, but Google Now voice search slightly better



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    crowley on 07/22/2014 at 08:24 AM is correct when he said. "Think the Google Now Report Card needs an error correction - Heard Incorrectly in a Controlled Environment 100% of the time?!" Wigby re-iterated that on the same day, and it has not been corrected. It is obvious to even the most non-technical among us that this is an error.

    That should read 2% of the time. I have been researching voice capabilities between the two platforms to determine which I want to go with. I like the openness and customization abilities of Android, but the intuitiveness and coordinated programs used in the iPhone interface.

    I came here making sure Android is the way I want to go, but as far as this article is concerned, I would disagree with the author. In my view, SIRI won. I hear the nonsense questions that people as to try to prove a point on their phones. Those questions are the least representative of how people use phones. When they ask a phone to do something, they are trying to find a business, perform a command, or type out a dictation. Moreover, in the real world they don't have control over their environment. SIRI does commands better, and works better in an uncontrolled environment. The others are withing the margin of error. What is not covered is dictation, something desired frequently for texts and E-Mails. Google will always do better on navigation unless they tie in with Bing, which is their only hope for parity in that area. In my experience, Google maps are more flexible, but Bing selects better routes. This is important in unfamiliar territory because you don't have the knowledge necessary to select a better route. I would encourage you to test this yourself in an area you DO know, so you know which to trust for areas you DON'T know.

    I like handwriting recognition too. Here Android has an advantage, but MyScript Stylus is coming to the iPhone. I can't tell the difference between Android, and MyScript for Android, so I don't see a market there, but for the iPhone I do. However, handwriting recognition, while nice to have, is nowhere near as important as voice when you are driving in an uncontrolled environment.

    From what is here, I say SIRI wons, even though that wasn't the result I was hoping for. Initially, Android and the Galaxy Note 3 was a slam-dunk for me. After researching, I see there is parity. IMO the iPhone makes what people actually use a phone for, more approachable. Being technical, the factors are somewhat different for me, but how I use a cell phone isn't that different.
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