Resurgent T-Mobile passes 50M subscribers, but CEO refuses to talk about Apple's 'iPhone 6'



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    The webpage says $45 for unlimited


    Huh. It’s $40 here.


    I can use my phone as the hotspot...


    Oh, tethering; I see, my mistake. Not hotspots, then.

     And what about places that don't have free wifi? 


    Yeah, that’s the idea: high-traffic locations partner with the cell carriers to give Wi-Fi, limiting cell network use, but it’s just not safe at all.

     Just get it straight son


    Yes, get it Straight (talk). If you don’t trust T-Mobile’s network (which isn’t available everywhere), you can’t go with them. Better to trust Verizon’s network (or AT&T’s if you bring your own phone).



    There’s nothing to lose. You haven’t won anything. Are you still just upset that you have no proof a 5.5” iPhone exists?

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    kent909 wrote: »
    <div class="quote-block" style="border:1px solid rgb(217,218,216);color:rgb(0,0,0);padding:10px;">Originally Posted by sog35 go_quote.gif


    Tmobile is a great deal.

    2 lines with unlimited 4G-LTE data, unlimited talk, unlimited text.  And 5GB of LTE hotspot for iPads per user (total 10GB).  All for $120.
    AT&T charges over $200 for a simular plan without unlimited data.

    Looks like if you join now my plan cost $140, still about 50% cheaper than Verizon/AT&T.  Glad there are only charging me $120

    Like I said, if you are not a major consumer of data and talk. I have two iPhones and all the talk, text and data that I need and I pay between $45-50 a month for both phones.

    For about sixty dollars a month you can get unlimited everything on T-Mobile for two lines - that includes regional and most international roaming and the ability to use your phone as a hotspot. T-Mobile also has cheaper in advertised plans for as low as $35 a month. The disruption is doing away with contracts, including international roaming and 200MB of tablet data for free, and paying generous money to cover expenses to leave your current carrier.
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    Yea I think my next iphone will be unlocked so I can look at my options, and already have a phone to take to a network versus buying a subsidized phone and being on contract.
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    anixanix Posts: 2member
    I use Straight Talk. 46$ and change. AT&T backbone, unlimited text talk, 2.5gb of data. No contract. I love knowing AT&T gets nothing from me, and my bill is cut in half. Ill stay with ST forever great service, been with them for years now.
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,503member
    T-Mobile is advertising a new 4 lines $100/month and 10GB data just yesterday.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    T-Mobile is advertising a new 4 lines $100/month and 10GB data just yesterday.

    And that plan is unlimited data, it is just after the 10GBs is used, it drops to 3G. TMobile also does not have a hard throttle policy other than in peak times it might drop the speeds of heavy data users.
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    Also the wifi calling in iOS8 should help carriers that have signal issues if you can get wifi in places where there isn't cellular signal.

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    My family is moving back to T-mobile soon. We grabbed $400 from AT&T to switch to them. After the first 45 days they credited it to us and thus we had no cell bill for almost three months.


    Now that we might have a cell bill to pay it is time to port back to T-mobile which now has a 4 line family plan of unlimited talk, text and 2.5 gigs of high speed data for only $100.


    You bet I'm happy at $25 per line for that plan including data.

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    I would like to remind the iPad people out there that even the cheapest $10 1 gig plan includes music freedom. Free plans do not
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    Apple wanted to have its own network just for the iPhone back in 2006. They were told they would be forced to allow all phones on it, so they decided against it.

    I either missed that or forgot, thanks!  Apple made a smart choice then.  I wouldn't to deal with all the other crap phones out there either.  ;) 

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    That's not to knock the USA, but there's almighty big world out there, where most of Apple's stuff is made. You go to most other countries outside the USA and you would see pots of Apple products in use. It would be interesting to know what percentage of Apple stuff is used in the USA compared to the rest of the world. Real stats, that is.

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