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    I used to hate trackpads until Apple added all the cool functionality. Now I can't imagine using my Mac without it. I'm addicted to silky-smooth scrolling.


    I find it curious that people who defended the one button mouse all those years ago have no problem today with one finger tapping, two finger tapping and three finger tapping on a trackpad doing different things.  And also two finger swiping, three finger swiping and four finger swiping on a trackpad doing different things.

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    Sony remote controls are among the worst.

    Agreed. I have a Sony TV in our entertainment center and Samsungs in both our kitchen and guest bedroom (only because Sony abandoned smaller flat screens). Samsung remotes rank a close second to Sony in kludge. One of our Samsungs is 22-inch and the other 24-inch, with nearly identical onscreen menus. Then why are the two remotes so remarkably different in buttons and appearance?


    One solution is the Harmony Ultimate, because once it's set up for a TV, the interface is pretty common across many makes and models. I've been through couple Sony flat screens over the last 10 years and have never used their remotes from day one. The Harmony is simpler and better.

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    I've heard many good things about those Harmony remotes. Standardization isn't a bad thing. I hate remotes with 67 same-shape-and-size buttons.


    If you are going to have a remote or device with a lot of buttons, make them different so they can be made to make sense to a normal human brain. The DirecTV remote has a lot of buttons but I've found myself memorizing the layout and can do everything I need to do quickly and easily as I navigate menus and watch tv.


    Think about a keyboard. Over 100 buttons on this Apple keyboard and yet it's efficient and easy to use.


    Sometimes less is actually less. More can be better, sometimes.

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