JP Morgan: Any 'iPhone 6' display shortage would have 'no impact' on sales, device launch



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    I'd say by January 2015 Apple won't offer the metal 5S on their website as a new phone (just like they did for the 5 when the 5S came out)

    So where’s the new casing? What’s your justification for them selling the 5S for four months and then dropping it for a “new” phone?

    If they do sell the 5S’ hardware in any form, Ill self ban for 30 days.


    I’ll agree to the above sentence. Seems like a lock for me. Note that I’m doing nothing with that quote that a court doesn’t find perfectly fine.


    Those are extremely expensive to product for a $100 discount compared to the flagship.


    Yeah, they sure had a problem with it when selling the 4 and 4S, huh¡

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    mpantonempantone Posts: 1,946member
    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Apple won't release the iPhone if there is a shortage. And by that, i mean if The supply levels is less than what Apple predicts, Apple will modify release date.

    Again, Apple has the ability to delay the launch to various international markets as well as smaller regional carriers. 


    Apple definitely has a production forecast that covers a range of units. If their manufacturing partners are coming up short, then Apple will reduce the number of launch markets. In the best case scenario, Apple can speed up the worldwide deployment by adding more markets to the various launch dates.


    Tim Cook is not going to tell Foxconn, Pegatron, etc. "hey just build as many as you can." There are likely service level agreements based on what the contract manufacturer claims they can build. "We guarantee x units in August, y units in September, x units in October, etc.

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    sog35 wrote: »
    Some people wanted the 5 in the 3.5 inch also.

    its called progress.  Time to move on.  Stop living in the past.

    Newspapers, CD's, VCR, Blockbuster, ect.  Move on.
    Betamax was progress too¡

    Going from the Nokia cell phone to the Razr was progress too¡

    We were trending down in size and now we're trending up but there has to be a stoppage point when usability is impaired. There also has to be a stoppage point where profitability is impaired. It's why Apple no longer makes a 17" MacBook. It's why they don't make a 15" MacBook Air.

    You throw the word progress around like it's an end-all-be-all. Progress was Touch ID. Progress was the 64-bit A7. Progress is not just the increase of a screen size.
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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    Ok lets iron out our bet:


    How about you just answer the questions.


    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    Yes they did have problems selling the 4 and 4S as discounting phones.  There margins were getting CRUSHED.

    Your evidence of this is what, exactly?


    When Apple had the lineup of 5/4S/4 they margins were bad.  Too many people were choosing the 4S or 4 because the phones were to simular to the 5.


    Complete lies. The sales numbers have always been roughly 50% for the new model and 25% split for the older ones.


    All metal phones with simuliar design. Apple wont make the same mistake again.


    1. No. 2. What “mistake”?

    The problem was too many people were buying it instead of the flagship and it was too expensive to produce.


    Again, complete lies.

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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    You throw the word progress around like it's an end-all-be-all. Progress was Touch ID. Progress was the 64-bit A7. Progress is not just the increase of a screen size.

    Indeed. And don't forget the removal of the floppy, ODD, HDD et cetera. They also removed FW from the MBP, which let to an outcry and was resurrected on its successor. Next up USB? Because I don't like the plug; with its sharp rim and only goes in one way. I think all plugs out to be like headphone jacks; they go in any way you like, so you can insert them without looking.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    Look at the gross margins the last 7 quarters you clown.


    Or, instead, if you make an argument, be prepared to back it up.


    Show me how the margins changed between the time they were selling all plastic phones, the time they sold all metal phones, and the time they’re selling a mix.

    Will you be willing to back up your words?


    Or you could just answer my questions. You’re acting like a complete idiot would act; “betting” people when you have no argument.

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    sog35 wrote: »
    Phones in the 90's were trending down in size because all we were doing with our phones was phone calls and text messages.  There was no reason for a bigger screen.

    But today we use our phones for MEDIA consumption:  Movies, YouTube, web, apps, ect.  Of course there is an upper limit for screen size but I can tell you for a fact that limit is not 4.0 inches.  The trend now is go bigger.  There is no reason to be stubborn and fight the trend.

    If going to 4.7 and 5.5 isn't progress why did we move up from 3.5?
    I didn't say the limit was 4". I also didn't say there wasn't a progression between the 4S and the 5. I'm saying solely an increase in screen size does not progression make.

    Personally, I would say 5" is the limit on a mobile personal device. I don't think spending the money and time is going to bode well. I don't think economies of scale favor a device that size. I'm not being stubborn and fighting a trend. I'm hoping Apple doesn't follow one that just doesn't seem destined to prosper.
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    roakeroake Posts: 794member

    No matter if Tallest_Skil or sog35 wins their bet.  Everyone else in the forum wins either way!

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    Just look at the last 2 quarters


    No, that doesn’t give us the comparison. Shame we don’t have 2009 and 2010’s numbers readily available.


    "The iPhone 5s, according to CIRP’s research, accounted for 62% of iPhone sales vs 52% for the iPhone 5 at the same time last year.

    So that completely refutes what you said earlier about the older models selling “too much”.

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