Verizon winding down stock of 32GB iPhone 5c ahead of Apple's anticipated 'iPhone 6'

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U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless is burning through the last of its high-capacity 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c inventory, with almost all units now out of stock in its online store, in anticipation of a replacement with Apple's next-generation lineup of handsets, AppleInsider has learned.

An anonymous tipster reached out this week to claim that the carrier has "retired" the 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c. According to this person, the company plans to sell its remaining inventory and then will not replenish ahead of the anticipated Sept. 9 unveiling of Apple's fall 2014 iPhone lineup.

Corroborating this tip is the fact that Verizon's online store is currently sold out of the 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c in all colors except blue. The carrier remains fully stocked with 16-gigabyte models, as well as all versions of the iPhone 5s.

In contrast, Verizon's chief rival, AT&T, appears to have all colors of the 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c in stock as of Tuesday. The nearly-year-old handset sells for $199.99 at AT&T, but Verizon has discounted the 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c to $99.99 with a two-year commitment.

Verizon is also aggressively discounting the iPhone 5s, selling the entry-level 16-gigabyte model for $99.99 with contract, 32 gigabytes for $149.99, and 64 gigabytes for $199.99. When bought through Apple, those phones are priced at $199, $299, and $399, respectively.

Verizon appears to be clearing inventory ahead of Apple's anticipated Sept. 9 unveiling of the so-called "iPhone 6." But the nearly complete stock-out of the 32-gigabyte iPhone 5c at Verizon could be a sign that the model will no longer be a part of Apple's iPhone lineup going forward.

The Wall Street Journal claimed back in January that Apple would scrap the iPhone 5c this year. The mid-range model was introduced in 2013, running essentially the same components as the 2012 iPhone 5, but sporting a new plastic back that came in a colorful array of options.

Apple itself has admitted that market share of the iPhone 5c was lower than the company expected it to be, a fact that critics have used to characterize the handset as a "flop." However, Apple has also revealed that the iPhone 5c has helped the company see its highest growth in the mid-range market, outpacing year-over-year growth of its higher (iPhone 5s) and lower (iPhone 4s) priced options last quarter.

Verizon joins Walmart and other retailers in discounting Apple's 2013 iPhone lineup ahead of hotly anticipated new models. It's rumored that Apple's "iPhone 6" will come in two screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and if the company sticks to its usual release pattern, the next-generation handset will go on sale Friday, Sept. 19.


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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    Any news yet of staff at Apple or mobile phone stores not being allowed to take holidays on the expected launch week as I believe was reported last year ?
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    @sog35 or...
    iPhone pro
    iPhone air
    iPhone 6c
    iPhone 5c
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    FYI, they're also low on stock of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 refurbished units (for warranty/extended protection replacement). They just sent me a 5s as a replacement for a 5 because it's all they had. The lady on the phone said they're also doing that for iPhone 4 right now due to lack of inventory.

    I'm not sure if that has any relevance to a new product cycle in September, but it's a good time to get your phone replaced if it's a 4 or 5! :)
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    I do not believe they will repackage the 5S in plastic, as this would then appear too similar to the 5C to justify the price differential. It would be simpler to continue with both the 5C and the 5S exactly as they are now. This avoids having to make any alterations to their production lines. Also these models are well-known in the market, and any changes would require advertising support which would detract emphasis from the new 4.7 and 5.5 phones.

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    pscooter63pscooter63 Posts: 1,080member
    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    iPhone Color - 4.0 - basically 5S in plastic - $550



    I'm trying to remember the last time "color" was an effective marketing differentiator. 


    Printers, sure.  And the original iMac made use of color, but that wasn't integral to its name.


    Maybe it says something about my age that when I hear the word "color" in a marketing context, I flashback to this:


    LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


    Or maybe it says something about your prediction.

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    No more numbers such as 6,7,8

    iPhone Pro - 5.5 - $750
    iPhone Air - 4.7 - $650
    iPhone Mini - 4.0 - $550

    lines up with Mac pro/air/mini

    iPhone 4S - 3.5 - will still be sold in other countries as the cheapest option.
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    My take (IMHO), since everyone else is guesstimating:

    iPhone 5C (16GB only, one color only - probably white) - FREE on contract
    iPhone 5SC (the 5S in plastic, multiple colors, various memory sizes) - 16GB will be $99 on contract
    iPhone Air (the 4.7" iPhone 6, in gold/silver/spacegray) - lowest memory size is 32GB at $199 on contract
    iPhone Pro (the 5.5" iPhone 6, or "6L") - 32GB at $299 on contract
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    This isn't really news.
    In the Netherlands, telco KPN isn't offering [B]any[/B] iPhone in leu of the impending refresh.
    No iPhone 5C, no iPhone 5S.
    Only offer is the iPhone 5c 8GB.
    All models aren't being stocked due the impending iPhone refresh in October.
    Can submit proof if needed, but given September announcement , all orders are cancelled.
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    Originally Posted by iObserve View Post

    iPhone pro


    What a horrible name for a product unusable to consumers and professionals alike.


    Originally posted by sog35

     Short memory much?


    He said ‘effective’.


    Originally Posted by Trubador View Post

    ...iPhone 5SC...


    At least you got the name right. Now all we can hope is that it doesn’t exist at all.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,945member
    sog35 wrote: »
    So are you going to chicken out on my bet or what?

    If Apple stops making the 5S this year you need to ban yourself for a month.
    If Apple keeps on making the 5S this year than I'll ban myself for a month.

    The winner reserves the right to unban the loser at any time.

    Stop skirting the issue.  Are you game or what?

    Check with Benjamin Frost. He might be up for it.
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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    The 5C was the #2 phone in the entire world for months.  It was VERY effective.


    Not as effective as Apple wanted. Meaning they sold less than Apple wanted. MEANING THAT APPLE WANTED MORE OF THEM TO BE SOLD THAN WERE SOLD. Meaning that your theory of purposely gimping devices to sell the new one is WRONG.


    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    So are you going to chicken out on my bet or what?


    I already told you how this behavior makes you appear. Just answer questions when people ask them instead of acting this way.

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    pscooter63pscooter63 Posts: 1,080member
    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post



    I see that "integral to the product name" (bolded and italicized) sailed right past you. 


    Your mileage may vary, but the literal "Color" in a product name strikes me as trite and overused.

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    pscooter63pscooter63 Posts: 1,080member
    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    So what does the C in iPhone5C mean?


    Explain to the class why Apple chose NOT to name the 5C "iPhone 5 Color" last year.


    And, using your own argument ("5C"=="Color"), explain why Apple would choose to label two different products with virtually the same non-differentiating concept this year.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    IF they are goinging away from the number designation they should do so across the whole line:


    iPhone Pro - 5.5

    iPhone Air - 4.7

    iPhone Mini - 4.0 - 5S in plastic - in different colors as the 5C

    Actually, that makes sense… especially if they do come out with an iPad Pro early next year. Keeps the naming conventions consistent across product platforms (even computers, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro/Mac Pro).

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

    Show me where Apple said they were disappointed in 5C sales.


    I guess you are chicken.


    Just shut up. If you don’t have an argument, don’t post at all. It makes you look less stupid.


    On the other hand I'm willing to back up my words. 


    Except not once have you ever done so when questioned. How pathetic.

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    I know the "mini" is normally differentiated by screen size. Is the "air" and "pro" also always differentiated by screen size? I'm not familiar with hardware(or software) but it would seem illogical to do so. Btw, I don't believe the 5.5" will come out this year, if ever. The 4.7" will be an effective competitor to the best large phones already out there while Apple won't have to claim it is leading the race of "big is better". Those looking for 5.5" iPhone will likely settle for a 4.7" when all is said and done.

    The introduction of the 5C essentially increased sales of the 5S, as customers initially intending to buy the 5C decided to buy the higher quality 5S. The leak of a 5.5" iPhone made more people look at the iPhone and would seriously consider the 4.7" if the 5.5" is delayed or not forthcoming.
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    sog35 wrote: »
    No it won't.  

    For someone who wants a large screen like the Note3 the 4.7 won't do.

    The 4.7 phone's screen area is actually 40% smaller than a 5.5 phone.
    The 4.7 phone's screen area is actually  50% smaller than the 5.7 Note3.

    If Apple wants to destroy Samdung they NEED to release the 5.5.
    And thats the main reason why I have absolute confidence they will release the 5.5.
    It just makes too much business sense 
    Maybe Apple doesn't want to completely destroy Samsung as they make a good competitor for Google phones.

    My geometry skills are out of practice: what are the horizontal and vertical dimensions of a 4.7" and 5.5"?
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