Samsung officially unveils Galaxy Note 4, Gears S, and new Gear VR partnership with Oculus



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    In timing this even Samsung was knocking off Palm's strategy... which worked so spactacularly for them, if you recall...

    Actually it wasnt Palm's strategy it goes right back to Adam Osborne with the Osborne2


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    Originally Posted by alcstarheel View Post

    Look how big this damn "watch" is


    Ah, that’s a poor comparison. Could be a Korean lady; you know how small they all are.

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Now you're not even making sense.


    Why would you engage pazuzu!? He's having a blast playing the victim then hypocritically tossing insults. He has no points worth arguing against. Aside from the past antics that make his trolling obvious, you can see it in the first two things he said in this thread, which were totally contradictory: he likes using the iPod nano (sure he does) as a watch, but he supposedly sees no point in having an iwatch.

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