Cook says Apple will roll out new iCloud security alerts, expand 2-step authentication after celebri



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    Conversely, if you delete a photo from Photo Stream, it's deleted from all your devices.
    Deleting from Photo Stream won't remove it from the device that took the photo, thereby, it would still be in any iPhone backups. That's a separate action.

    Deleting a photo from 'Moments' on the device that took/saved the photo also deletes it from Photo Stream on all devices.


    It's definitely a nuance that I'm sure many people don't know. Why the same action doesn't happen from the camera roll, or why you aren't at least prompted to also delete from Photo Stream when deleting from the Camera Roll is a problem.

    That's true. However, using iPhoto gets around this, as it asks if you want to remove duplicates when syncing. But I agree that a more elegant solution could be reached. Perhaps it will be when iPhoto is replaced by Photos.
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