Apple releases new OS X Yosemite betas for developers, public beta participants

in macOS edited September 2014
With the next version of Apple's flagship desktop operating system nearing release, new preview versions of OS X Yosemite were seeded to both registered Mac developers as well as participants of the public beta program.

Developers will receive Developer Preview 8, carrying build number 14A361c, while public beta testers can download Public Beta 3. Both are available as delta updates through the Mac App Store.

It is unclear whether the two pre-release versions are in lockstep when it comes to their respective codebases, but the new Developer Preview does continue to show some deficiencies.

As before, developers with automatic updates enabled will not be logged in automatically after reboot. Those with FileVault encryption enabled will find their computer shut down if login is not completed "shortly" after the restart.

Family Sharing pages on the Mac and iOS App Stores remain disabled, while Apple continues to remind developer that they will need to re-sign applications with new Gatekeeper signatures. In addition, problems persist with Handoff of untitled TextEdit documents.

Apple has also reaffirmed that SMS Continuity, which was removed from the Golden Master version of iOS 8, will not be available until October. The change is likely due to OS X Yosemite's arrival after its iOS counterpart.

Other areas with lingering issues include Extensions, iCloud Drive, Aperture, iPhoto, Safari, Developer Tools, and localization.

Also updated on Monday were Xcode 6.1, bearing build number 6A1030, and Apple Configurator 1.7 beta 6.


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    Public Beta 3 isn't available yet
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    Not seeing anything new on the Developer side except Xcode 6.1b2 and Configurator 1.7. This often takes awhile to roll out across the net. Sometimes I see it before any announcement in AI and sometimes it is 12-18 hrs later. My time line is not that critical (yet) so I can live with a day but always do like to see what has changed (as everyone else on this site seems too also).



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    In the previous build I had some weird issue with apps installed from mounted disk images via drag and drop to the Application folder (either directly or to the alias on the mounted disk) would never completely copy and I had to delete the failed app and copy the app to the desktop first then the Applications folder before it would work. It looks like it has been fixed in this build.

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    Noticing that gmail responses are broken in the mail app.  Hit reply, nothing.

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    App store under DP7 picked it up on my machine BEFORE AI's post.  I have not yet installed as I always make a clone before installing the next DP.  Once that is done, I will install.  I do note that there is a firmware update pkg associated with DP8, but have no idea as to what they are updating.

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    GM please.

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    Breaks Chrome and team Viewer. please don't make me use safari mr apple :(
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,061member
    Does anyone know the expected release date for Yosemite?
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,577member
    suasponte wrote: »
    Breaks Chrome and team Viewer. please don't make me use safari mr apple :(

    Why would you use Chrome on a Mac when you have Safari? Work for Google?
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    Because Chrome is better?

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    chandra69 wrote: »
    GM please.

    You should not expect to see a GM until Swift 1.0 gets thorough SQA'd and signed off.
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    Originally Posted by Krawall View Post

    Because Chrome is better?

    I may as well be dead; every day is torture.

    See, I can’t even laugh at this stuff anymore. In no conceivable way is Chrome better.


    Originally Posted by Fred1 View Post

    Does anyone know the expected release date for Yosemite?


    After the October Mac/iPad event.

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    there are a few plugins i cant live without .. and i am cross platform user and its just works and is the same no matter what machine i use. 


    that and i do personally think its better and far more compatible with some b2b sites i use. 

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,367member
    suasponte wrote: »
    Breaks Chrome and team Viewer. please don't make me use safari mr apple :(

    It's Google's responsibility to update chrome to work well with Yosemite, it's not Apples responsibility to make sure it does.
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    I'm not happy at all with the "look and feel" of Yosemite. If Apple is serious about this new version of OS X, they have a long way to go to refining its UI.

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    Originally Posted by Krawall View Post


    Because Chrome is better?


    OK. Please list 3 ways how it's "better".


    I switched to Chrome for many months and used it as my primary browser. Eventually I switched back to Safari for the tighter OS integration, such as iCloud Keychain.

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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,843member

    Seems rather snappy and my iOS devices are synchronizing more reliably.

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    Anyone have problems charging their iPhones with the MacBook being closed after the beta update? I have my MacBook charger plugged in but when I try and charge my phone it charges than stops and when I open my labtop I get a message saying usb consuming to much battery when it's plugged in
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    I'd really love if Apple would fix the color calibration problem introduced in Mavericks.  It's completely reproducible:


    Have two accounts on the same computer.  Log into one account.  Then log into the other using Fast User Switching.  You will notice your screen colors will become much lighter.  Log out of both accounts and log back into either single account and it goes back to normal.  Very strange.  Anyone running Yosemite beta/dev care to test to reproduce?  If it does it, mind filing a bug?


    For lots of users it is a minor nuisance but I work in printing and it is a real problem.  :(



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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,778member
    Putting aside whether Chrome is better (it's not, unless you mean "better at tracking your web activity"), there's still a lot that's broken in PB3 (not enough that its unusable or anything, but just the occasional "oops surprise crash!" kind of thing in various apps). Still not recommended for daily use, and particularly not recommended on any machine with less than 8GB of RAM.

    The first thing I noticed was that the spotlight search in Dark Mode is now dark. NICE.
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