Apple releases OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks with reliability enhancements, includes Safari 7.0.6

in macOS edited September 2014
Apple on Wednesday released the latest OS X 10.9 Mavericks maintenance update, which includes Safari version 7.0.6, with fixes for VPN reliability and file access from SMB servers.

The latest OS X Mavericks update comes a month and a half after Apple first seeded betas of the update to developers in July.

As previously reported, the maintenance update focuses on fixes for the reliability of virtual private network connections that use USB Smart Cards as IDs. Also improved is reliability of accessing files located on an SMB server.

As for Safari 7.0.6, the Web browser was released as a standalone update in August and includes a patch for a WebKit vulnerability that allows for termination of arbitrary code after a user visits a malicious website.

Mac users can download OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks via Software Update or the Mac App Store.


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    Seems a little late seeing that so many are already on the Yosemite Beta
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 1,360member

    Most Mac users are not on the Yosemite Beta.


    Joe Consumer does not run beta software. The general public uses released software. Beta software is mostly for geeks.


    Also enterprises, governments, and educational institutions typically do not use beta operating systems.

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    It's insane how many updates today... Wow. Absolutely love it.

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    That was quick. Updated to 10.9.5 with Safari 7.0.6, rebooted then Safari 7.1 shows up in the app store updates.
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    Google search out, DuckDuck Go In. Love it.

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    Originally Posted by mr4js View Post


    Google search out, DuckDuck Go In. Love it.


    Yeah, nice surprise.

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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 6,819member

    Originally Posted by Go Faster View Post

    Seems a little late seeing that so many are already on the Yosemite Beta

    No, you’re wrong. Just plain wrong.

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    Wow we have a plethora of updates today from Apple and developers. Very nice.
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    Fantastic day for Apple fans, been using Beta versions of iOS 8 and Yosemite since the WWDC and have to say that Apple's refinements show their attention to detail and regard for the end user. While not everyone is happy with the look of either OS, the small touches of conveniences far outweigh the negatives.
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    Dude I am an early adopter but I don't run beta OSes.
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    Stay tuned to the Apple Support forums for Maverick. The 10.9.5 update seems to be causing problems with peripherals. Logitech mice had a couple reports, and a CTI keyboard as well. I'm experiencing mouse issues which began after the update. Having to move to my wife's Dell laptop to complete Adobe Illustrator work that uses the mouse for making selections. Bummer! (But it turns out that Creative Cloud subscription is a blessing at times like this where my Mac is disabled and I have to get work done with Adobe software.)
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    Originally Posted by DogCowabunga View Post

    Dude I am an early adopter but I don't run beta OSes.

    “I’m an early adopter, sure, but I’d like it out of the womb first...”

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    ha ha ha!  Speaking of which, it's good to see xCode 6.0..1 come out of the womb!


      I'm starting to develop the same position on Beta books ... so many downloads and updates.  

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    Looking forward to a snappier Safari.

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    That innovation is dead
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    Some problems here, too.  Have had a few users at our institution that jumped on the band wagon and did the update as soon as it became available.  After doing so, on the first reboot, they could no longer login to their computers.  Just sat at the login screen with the spinning wheel until the machine was shut down.


    What seemed to work (so far) is logging in as Admin, doing a permissions repair, rebooting and logging in as the end user.  Rather annoying.

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    I'm just an average Mac user - why, since this update, is my screen behaving badly - flickering, blacking out. How do I stop this?

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