Tim Cook touts new Apple privacy policies in open letter to customers



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    solipsismx wrote: »
    Any app could potentially be recording what you do within the app. I don't think he's excluding Google from that list.

    I was not excluding Google, not any other iOS app that makes use of an in-app browser. Marvin no doubt knew that too.
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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    Imagine if Apple decided to give you an album each day for free of the music that you most detested. Your library would fill up with music you didn't want, unless you deleted the album every day.

    Would you be happy with that?


    So let me get this straight... You're upset Apple gave you an album you don't like, because you fear it's a sign they'll keep giving you albums you don't like? Are you serious? Where's the logic in that?


    To answer your question 'Would you be happy with that'... 

    1. It is an extremely unlikely scenario, right up there with 'would never happen'. 

    2. If they did that, I probably would be happy, as I would be exposed to and therefor would listen to new albums I may not have otherwise.



    Let's say (for arguments sake) that Toyota is promoting a new tyre from Pirelli. Toyota are a fan of Pirelli and are doing great financially, so decide to pay 100m to Pirelli so that they can give all their customers a free set of these tyres. They also have a great delivery service in place so are able to deliver the tyres to all their customers on the same day. How do you react?

    a) They're your favourite brand of tyres and can't wait to try them out! Thank you Toyota!!

    b) You're thankful, but realise that they're not your favourite brand of tyre so dispose of them.

    c) You get pissed off and negative and resort to complaining about Toyota on social media.

    d) You would have preferred that they let you know where to go pick them up instead.

    e) Fear that your privacy has been breached because they were delivered to your door.

    f) Fear that Toyota are going to now be giving you all the new sets of Tyre brands that you don't like. Every. Day.

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