Apple surreptitiously adds HomeKit support to recent Apple TVs - report



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    The extra novels (now not canon) probably say that Anakin slept in the nude or something.

    All right, here’s something I don’t understand. Chalk it up to the prequels being absolute garbage, of course, but still.

    So... we have a 25 millennia-old civilization. Quattuordecillions of people, millions of habitable worlds, FTL, fantastic technologies...

    AND THEY CAN’T SOLVE SIMPLE THIRD DEGREE BURNS. Skin grafts? Nope, that wouldn’t work because HEY LOOK OVER THERE. Bacta/kolto bath? Huh what are you talking about those things don’t exist ignore episode five.

    The suit would have made much more sense had Anakin actually fallen into the lava. You can’t come back from that, not with our tech. But with super duper sci-fi stuff? That makes a suit believable.

    No Obamacare for the Sith maybe? :lol:
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    gqb wrote: »
    Perhaps 'quietly' sounds a bit less sinister than 'surreptitiously'?

    And is blander. Allow us some colour in this space grey life.
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    aaarrrgggh wrote: »
    Well, physiologically, if you let the temperature drift up as your metabolism slows your body is fine. Ideally you would give yourself a half hour to fall asleep and then let temperature slowly raise a few degrees. You might also have non sleep areas on a separate thermostat which will now be unoccupied...

    I'd wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat if it's above 70 while I'm sleeping, I try to keep it below 68 at night.  I'd rather have the bedroom at around 60 while I'm asleep, I'm perfectly ok with it dropping into the 50s if it's cold outside.  I'd like it to go up to maybe 72 about the time I wake up, then back down to 70 as I get moving.

    I could let non-sleep areas creep up in the summer, wouldn't be a problem at all.  I'd have to put zoning dampers in, but I've been thinking about doing that anyway.

    I usually only heat to 65 - 68 in the winter, drives my friends nuts, they complain about being cold at my house.  I can't handle much above 72 indoors during the day in the summer, I'd prefer cooler, but the bills get too high.

    I love the cold, too. The colder, the better.
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    I don't see how anything would be better than the Apple TV to control home kit:

    1) As DA said, you need a somewhat sophisticated device to act as an intermediary to communicate with less sophisticated devices in the home.

    2) Its physical and symbolic place at the center of the home is significant.

    3) You need an intelligent central hub to manage inputs from multiple users:
    User: Hey Siri, start the iFumigation and stop it 2 hours before I return from work.
    Siri: I'm detecting that your wife is still in the home. Are you sure you want to proceed?
    User: Um, yes, and remind me tomorrow at 9am to file a life insurance claim.
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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post


    We're 6 months (at the least) overdue on an Apple TV refresh.  October is fine- better late than never.  And if it doesn't get announced then- can we complain then?  Please, educate me when it's ok to complain about 4 year old technology being passed off as the "current" generation.


    When it becomes not the current generation.  It is in fact the current generation, so while it might not suit you, an unannounced update isn't "overdue."

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    tuckerjjtuckerjj Posts: 23member
    So yeah, it turns out you don't need an Apple TV or any other sort of hub* to control homekit accessories remotely:

    iCloud is the hub

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    *aside, of course, from accessories that need their own hub to proxy to some non wifi protocol e.g. Hue
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