In-depth review: Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8



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    Plus my 1080 movies will look awesome because there will be ZERO scaling.


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    iOS on the iPhone 6 Plus employes a scaling factor at all times.


    After thinking about this and digging a little deeper, it may be that 1080 x 1920 video assets play on the iPhone 6 Plus display without scaling/sampling. To reiterate the scaling issue, from ? Developer: What's New in iOS:


    "The iPhone 6 Plus uses a new Retina HD display with a very high DPI screen. To support this resolution, iPhone 6 Plus creates a UIScreen object with a screen size of 414 x 736 points and a screen scale of 3.0 (1242 x 2208 pixels). After the contents of the screen are rendered, UIKit samples this content down to fit the actual screen dimensions of 1080 x 1920".


    In the same document it states:


    "In a graphics app that uses Metal or OpenGL ES, content can be easily rendered at the precise dimensions of the display without requiring an additional sampling stage".


    "A UIScreen object provides a new property (nativeScale) that provides the native screen scale factor for the screen. When the nativeScale property has the same value as the screen’s scale property, then the rendered pixel dimensions are the same as the screen’s native pixel dimensions".


    Although the text is referring to Metal and OpenGL ES, I think it at least possible that Apple's iOS 8 media player is using the new nativeScale property so as not to scale/sample 1080 x 1920 video. This makes sense as the video assets are already pixel rendered to the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 Plus display. I've yet to locate a citation that definitively and incontrovertibly supports this premise, but the tools to do so exist.

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    Will it bend?
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