Rumor: Apple Watch manufacturing to begin in January, Quanta to be sole supplier



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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    That is Apple trying to find the cheapest possible way out !

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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    I've read several blogs from people who had hands on time with the Watch and they say the build quality is excellent. One said the bands are as good as any luxury watches. My guess is Apple has spent a lot of $$ on the manufacturing techniques and processes required to build these things. According to Apple's Watch website materials are coming from places like France, Netherlands and Italy. What's going to matter is the quality of the materials and the build quality of the device. If it's built really well and has similar qualities to a luxury watch where it is manufactured won't matter so much.

    I don't disagree with any of that.  I was making 2 (admittedly minor) points: 1. I thought Apple would have to change their "Assembled in China" line to "Assembled in Taiwan" (but I was corrected since it actually will be make in China).  2. Watches are one of the few items in the market where it still matters where it was made.  Anything with "Swiss Made" on the face can charge a premium over a watch made in Japan.  If anyone else tried to roll out a designer watch made in China it would be laughed off the stage.  But of course this is not really a watch and Apple has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they can make incredible stuff in China.


    (Disclaimer: I have three nice (but sub $1000) watches that all feature "Swiss Made" on the face, because I think it's cool and I'm a fan of the Swiss.  I'm certain that any other watch would tell time just as well, but I just like having a proverbial "Swiss watch" on my wrist.)

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    marvfox wrote: »
    That is Apple trying to find the cheapest possible way out !
    Yep. When you the Bitten Apple logo, you know that it was cheap all the way. Apple ][? Cheap. Macintosh? Cheap. LaserWriter? Cheap. iPod? Cheap. iPhone? Cheap.iPad? Cheap!

    And it is not just the price of the products that you expect to be cheap. It is the manufacturing materials. In the case of ?Watch, we know that sapphire is much cheaper than ordinary glass or acrylic used in traditional watches. And then there are production processes. Apple goes bottom-dredging by building the factories for its contractors and buying the planet's inventory of of the machines required for the contractor to manufacture Apple's products.

    Yep. You see ?, you know cheap.
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