Flic uses Tinder-like swipes to whittle down your iPhone's photo library

in iPhone edited October 2014
iPhone users with an oversized collection of pictures looking for help to shrink their photo library can turn to Flic, a new app that borrows from the popular dating service Tinder by allowing users to swipe right to save, and left for deletion.

Flic is a 99-cent download from the App Store, priced 50 percent off for its debut. Users can quickly sort through their pictures, swiping left to trash and right to save.

Once the items marked for deletion have been selected, users can review their housekeeping and bulk-delete the images with one last review prompt.

The process is, of course, similar to popular dating app Tinder, in which user profiles are displayed and a person can swipe right in hopes of a match, or swipe left to dismiss them. The reflexive swipes make it easy and quick to sort through dating profiles, which Flic hopes will also translate to pruning an iPhone's photo library.

Flic is possible thanks to updated permissions brought by Apple in iOS 8, which allows users to manage and delete photos via a third-party application. The app will also remind users each month to go back and clean up images from the previous month, helping to prevent a photo library from growing out of hand.

Flic from Lifehack Labs is a 4.3-megabyte download that requires iOS 8.0 or later.


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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,740member
    [Quote]"Clean up your Camera Roll"[/Quote]

    I think iOS 8 took care of that already...
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    malaxmalax Posts: 1,598member

    Pretty clever.  I'm not willing to pay for that (and clutter up my phone with a one-trick-pony app to do this) however.  Hopefully Apple will add this to Photos in iOS 9.  And to the Music app as well.  Whenever I'm running low on space on my phone I'm told that Music, Mail, and Photos are my problem and I have no easy way to prune any of them from my phone itself.

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    something similar for email, though it only works with gmail www.gettail.email

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    I bought this on this story's recommendation. I wasted a dollar and 20 minutes of my life. As soon as I get to about halfway into the month's photos, it crashes. Like a fool, I tried it 4 times. Each crashing on different photos. Not even sure why it has the "you have to flic through a month before you can actually delete" rule.
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    Thanks AI. I just spent a dollar on this app at your recommendation and it freezes my phone, a brand-new iPhone 6. What a piece of garbage.The app launches, nothing happens. It freezes my screen. I tried re-downloading, same thing. I reset my phone and lost it, nothing. What a waste.
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    Bought it. Like it. Works great on my 5S on iOS 8.0.2. I can take all the pics I want and much more easily preview and delete the ones I don't want - all for a measly 99 cents.

    This will help greatly in reducing my digital photo overload.
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    customtbcustomtb Posts: 345member
    john.b wrote: »
    I think iOS 8 took care of that already...
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    customtbcustomtb Posts: 345member
    Like to see this a part of iOS. Swipe up to delete like closing an app.
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    Although it doesn't crash on me it only lets me work on the prior months photos. I have 120 months of photos I was going to review and can only do 1?
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