Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus heading to 36 more countries in October



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    T-Mobile was/is doing the same!  I get $202 for my iPhone 4.  For a 4+ year old phone, GREAT!  much better then the $45 if you're lucky from anyone else.   I need to finish boxing it up and shipping it out.  It looks like new. It's been wiped and boots up like a new iPhone.  It's all ready to go.


    How Apple is going to get all these phones out to all these countries?  20 Million Pre-orders for China alone so far.  The U.S. is  in short supply, and yet now jump to 36 more countries?  Apple better be cranking these things out faster.  I'm going to assume Apple has been holding back a small percentage to launch in these other countries.

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    Originally Posted by MacBook Pro View Post

    Why would you order from anyone other than Apple?


    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Should have ordered from Apple.

    I ordered a Gold iPhone6 and a silver iPhone 6 Plus on 9/14/14.

    I got the iPhone6 on 9/25/14 and the iPhone 6 Plus is coming this Thursday.

    Stop ordering phones from the Cell Companies! It saves Apple some costs and you get it much faster!

    I'd normally only order from Apple, but we were ordering 3 6's and one 6 plus (128GB on that one),

    and wanted to get one of those sharing plans.  I suppose we could have ordered them individually from Apple,

    then coaxed Verizon to combine them, but it seemed at the time that that and the trade-in thing would go smoother this way.

    Actually, if Verizon didn't insist on not shipping till all four are ready, we'd have gotten the 6's weeks ago.

    Live and learn...

    and then forget by the time we buy again.


    (apologies if I've posted this a couple weeks ago;) )

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    metrix wrote: »

    Can I not say the same thing about Android phones, "well I wish it was 64bit 2 years ago", or "I wish it had better selection of apps", or "I wish I could update to the latest OS"

    Indeed. And may I add the fact that one cannot discern the pixels if it had a lower PPP to begin with? Or that stereo speakers wouldn't do anything, also a point the Android camp sometimes make. Or that 1GB is just fine when they software is optimised. For people who say they understand tech the Android lovers sure make the weirdest statements.

    wisely wrote: »
    Sometimes I feel sorry for the Android camp.  They are so taken-in by specs numbers and don't understand much of technology.

    I think many Android users really believe that specs and real world performance are the same.  But one thing I have learnt over time, it is difficult to teach tech to non-tech people who think that technology is all about specs and fiddling with widgets.

    Lately I have come to the conclusion that it is good for the Android camp to continue to expand its numbers and to spread the 'specs' perception so that more will buy Android phones.  This is because I still have many friends who are unable to get their hands on the new iphone 6.  Can you imagine if all the Android people become smart and understand tech better?  My God what would be the waiting time for my new iphone 6 order?

    Good points all around. And it is also nice to be in this niche group, as I usually prefer to support the underdog (though that is actually a strange word to use when referring to Apple).
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    Wow, I understand the passionate hate of android/apple users, but really... I've used both phones, and I like both kinds. I had an iPhone 5 that got smashed recently, and I don't have an upgrade for a little while, so I'm borrowing my neighbor's 2013 moto x for a few months, and I actually really like it. I'm not tech-minded, so please don't prey on me for my ignorance, but in terms of usability, it's pretty good. When is the last time you have used one?

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    Originally Posted by boredumb View Post


    I'm thrilled to know that folks in India and China will have phones in hand

    before my family here in the US - we ordered ours early on 9/13, but they still

    won't ship from Verizon till 10/24 at the soonest...aaarrrggh!


    But I'm happy for Apple, anyway - helluva triumph!

    A few will have one before you but most probably have to wait longer before launch day.

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    Originally Posted by boredumb View Post


    I'm thrilled to know that folks in India and China will have phones in hand

    before my family here in the US


    Don't bet on it. I have pre-ordered/ reserved the 6+ 128 GB but am only cautiously optimistic about getting it this week.


    The last time around, resellers returned the pre-order amounts to people because they hardly got any supplies.


    Only people who want an iPhone 6, without any other demands (colour, space) can get one immediately when it launches. Them, and the lucky ones who get what they want.... Me, I'm just hoping to "fondle" the 6+ this weekend. Hopefully in Space Grey!

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    gimarbazat wrote: »
    <div class="quote-container" data-huddler-embed="/t/182779/apples-iphone-6-and-6-plus-heading-to-36-more-countries-in-october#post_2617967" data-huddler-embed-placeholder="false"><span>Quote:</span><div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>lkrupp</strong> <a href="/t/182779/apples-iphone-6-and-6-plus-heading-to-36-more-countries-in-october#post_2617967"><img src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" class="inlineimg" alt="View Post"/></a><br/><br/><p><br>Yeah, isn’t it strange that with all that advanced technology and a two year lead that Apple is only now ‘catching up with’ Samsung has managed to announce a predicted 60% decline in profits, while Moto, HTC, and the rest continue to lag far behind. What explains that? Oh right, only stupid people buy Apple products and there are a lot of stupid people I guess.</p><p> </p><p>You trolls are putting on a real comedy club performance lately, but joke after joke is bombing with the audience. Try your act with a live animal, say a monkey, or a trained pig. That might get you more attention.</p></div></div><p> </p>

    I'm not hating the product, is just I wish they brought it sooner. On the iPhone 6 the retina ppi is the same as in iPhone 4 from 2010! HTC, LG and Samsung had higher ppi screens a year ago if not 2012. 1gb of ram is still something from 2012 and not to mention the 8 megagapixel camera.

    Pixel density is not a competition. The ink jet printer manufacturers ran that into the ground a decade ago, and have been stale ever since.
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    Great, our little country get it earlier then our neighbors and even Samsung country :-) Hard to beleive.
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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    What about the Philippines?

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    I sure wish I had invested in apple when it was just born... I could retire right now...

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    Failure is a work in progress. Lack of inventory and continues sales without supplies is a recipe for disaster. Some are willing to wait, but I'm seeing commentary already suggesting switching to other major suppliers instead of waiting. 6-7 weeks for delivery is a little frustrating for a society of "get it now".


    Second, thing is the durability of the phone. Follow up some of the original reviews is showing that the 6 plus is in fact bending under normal use, after only 2 weeks of use and using cases. Apple is going to have to address that with some modifications or the apple care program is not going to be able to keep up with replacement phones. A recall on a phone has not happened before, but this may be the first. That is going to be a big hit on the bottom line an will effect the value of Apple stock.

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    I'll be here, at my local authorized retailer for them to open and set up! Ok they'll do it the night before but I'll be there when there done!
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    It's the apple ecosystem,!

    If you look only at the smartphone you may choose whatever you want, but if you look at the ecosystem apple has created there is no real argument.

    iPhone (smartphone), iTunes (music, films, tv series, tv stations, radio), iPod (music, VoIP, browse, etc.), iPad (you name it), AppleTV (easy internet TV), Airport Time Capsule (to print, to access data on-line), Airport express (to EASILY extend your wi-fi network), and the more-and-more integrated mac line...

    And now, iWatch and iHealth !!

    Say what you want, but you have to be a geek to do all this in windows / linux.
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    One iPhone to rule them all
    One iPhone to bring them all
    And in the Apple System bind them.
    In the land of California where Apple lies.
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    Originally Posted by old-wiz View Post

    One iPhone to rule them all

    One iPhone to bring them all

    And in the Apple System bind them.

    In the land of California where Apple lies.

    You messed that up SOOO badly.....

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