U2 frontman Bono apologizes for foisting 'Songs of Innocence' on unsuspecting iTunes users



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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    No doubt, you'll be looking forward to having Ebola being given to you.

    I am tired of seeing your inane posts. blocked = problem solved, somewhat at least

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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post



    Sorry, bullshit. I doubt there was a single example of what you just imagined. First of all, if I'm worried about my data, I'm not gonna have automatic downloads turned on.Especially if a single album can eat "my entire data allowance".  Also, "hundreds of dollars"? Are you shitting me? If a single album can cost someone "hundreds of dollars" of data, then they deserve that for having that feature turned on in the first place.You can even specifically disable automatic downloads over data. Your hypothetical scenario is just that- an extreme worst case scenario that is pretty much impossible.


    If that happened to even a SINGLE person (Album costing them $$$), I bet they would have bitched about it online, and it would have made every single blog and mainstream news in a heartbeat.  


    Which is exactly what happened.


    On some plans excess data above what is included in a cap is charged at upwards of $1 per MB which could easily run into hundreds of dollars. People who have low data caps are also the kind of people that aren't likely to understand the detailed consequences of having the automatic download settings turned. Maybe they almost never buys music or apps and turned this on once and forgot about it. They are also the kind of people that don't check their data allowance or check credit card statements and may never know.


    Given the prevalence of bill shock at the best of times I guarantee you there are people affected by this.

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    mobius wrote: »
    I think you just demonstrated you are of equal temperament. Chill. He was pointing out the illogicality of the previous guy's post with a witty comparison - funny because it is so extreme (I laughed). If we can't laugh at dark things like desease and death then I think we will have lost part of our humanity. It's a coping mechanism. Some things in life are so awful that a little humour makes them less horrific and scary. The media goes out of their way to scaremonger about Ebola and death. That's the real problem - not some guy on a tiny insignificant forum like this.
    . If you consider that was a "Witty Comparison" then you have very low standards for wit.

    It also didn't make the previous comment in any way seem illogical. It just added to the mounting evidence that Benjamin Frost has nothing worthwhile to contribute to the discussion.
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    Well, it looks like Christmas has come early. Not because we got a free U2 album, but because we get the same whining and bitching about free things when Apple releases their 12 Days of Christmas app.


    Songs Of Innocence is on my iPod and will get played, eventually. I am in no hurry to listen to it, but I find it neither obtrusive nor offending.

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    When I got home today there were photos of strangers added to my photo stream by Apple, but I've no right to complain because they were free.


    C'mon Apple effectively admitted they went to far, by creating a URL to let you remove it, and now Bono is saying in maybe they went too far. And there are people here who are still defending it (apparently they disagree Apple and Bono).

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    gtr wrote: »
    pazuzu wrote: »
    At the end of the day you don't force Drek on anybody. Music is a very personal thing- why are so many surprised about people's negative reaction to this?

    Would you like a free Lawrence Welk album too?

    A better comparison would have been your posts.

    They're free, but we sure as f*ck don't care for them.

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    as a huge u2 fan who was eagerly awaiting the new album - the launch was a surprise and a pleasant one at that. But I do very much understand how people might complain. If it was a justin bieber or lady gaga alum i wouldn't be too pleased of having something i didn't want take space on my device.

    think apple should've done it differently with free streaming with option to download and keep. also they rushed the launch at the end of the keynote and i think apple should've made it clear this was their gift and it was a one off thing at least for a while.

    i give the album an 8/11
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    Bono's apology was as douche-baggy as I would have expected from him.

    Cook and Bono were a pair of idiots for deciding upon this hare-brained scheme.

    The one good thing to come out of it is that it's unlikely to happen again, and for that, we should all be thankful. Wiser heads at Apple prevailed.

    You're weird.
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    gtr wrote: »
    A better comparison would have been your posts.

    They're free, but we sure as f*ck don't care for them.

    How do we go about arranging for them to be deleted?


    I blocked pazuzu a while ago - one of a handful of blocked posters I have accrued over the years!
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    Originally Posted by rcoleman1 View Post


    Bono should also apologize for that poor audio quality as well. Takes away from a brand new album in such a negative way. Thanks for nothing U2. :no:

    I remember that one Metallica album that only sounded good in xbox Guitar Hero. I guess that they trusted the production team too much... or hired low to save money.

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    Originally Posted by xZu View Post


    Welcome to America, where free isn't good enough. Thank you U2 and Apple, I am enjoying the album!

    Yeah I can not believe people were complaining about getting something for free. U2 is a good band maybe not to everyone liking but it not like music which only appeals to a small select group of people. There could have been far worse music that apple could have given away like Rebeca Black song, Friday.


    Just more of the entitlement attitude running ramped in the US, now they are entitled not to have free music sent them. I wonder if these same people complain about getting free music over the airways.

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    Antennagate, Bendgate, now Freegate. When you're #1 there'll always be those who respond to their own insignificance by throwing spitballs. This is not to say that Apple is perfect, or beyond criticism, but simply about proportionality. As someone alluded to earlier, the Internet has a way of turning spitballs into collision-course asteroids.
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    Didn't I read around here "if it's free, you're the product?"

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    Its like complaining that your piece of birthday cake has a candle on it.
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    Originally Posted by JimDreamworx View Post


    As a developer, I have to enter a code to get a free OS Update from the App Store.

    It doesn't automatically show up or even download automatically.


    If they gave out a code (didn't even have to be unique) that would've worked better.


    Yes. Just like Starbucks does when they give out the free song each week.

    Live and learn. Still not complaining that they tried to give us the album for free. I'm not a U2 fan, but I gave it a listen that I might not otherwise have.

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    Is it safe to start iTunes again yet...??

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    What Apple and U2 did with this was disgusting. An half assed apology like this is not good enough.

    Bono is a complete ****.
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    I was rehearsing literally next door to U2 today.

    Sadly, I didn't have time to give them my autograph.
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    You'll love Spotify (great song discovery features).
    mike1 wrote: »
    Yes. Just like Starbucks does when they give out the free song each week.
    Live and learn. Still not complaining that they tried to give us the album for free. I'm not a U2 fan, but I gave it a listen that I might not otherwise have.
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