AT&T stops selling Beats Music subscriptions to wireless customers

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AT&T customers looking to sign up for Beats Music as part of their monthly cellular plan are, as of Wednesday, seemingly out of luck, as the wireless provider is no longer offering subscriptions for Apple's streaming service.

As noted by MacRumors, AT&T has abruptly stopped selling Beats Music subscriptions to its customers and is has taken down access to a free trial period previously open to all comers. The option to subscribe via AT&T has also been removed from Beats Music's own webpage.

An AT&T spokesperson offered further clarification to AppleInsider, saying only that the policy shift does not affect those customers currently enrolled in a Beats Music family plan or the service's trial period.

"There haven't been any changes for AT&T customers who currently have the Beats Music family plan or who are within their free trial period," the spokesperson said. "New subscribers can still get Beats Music through their app store or at"

Before Beats Music debuted in January, the company inked an exclusive deal with AT&T to sell subscriptions as part of bundled cellular plans. Under certain contract terms, like the above mentioned family plan, customers were able to bill Beats Music to their wireless bill and share the service with up to five family members.

No information was provided as to the change in availability, though Apple is rumored to be working on new options for the streaming music service. The company denied reports from September saying Beats Music would be shuttered and rolled into iTunes Radio, but left open the possibility of rebranding.


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    Dear Apple,


    Tomorrow, please make Beats Music part of iTunes Match.


    Love, AppleZilla.

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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,695member

    Dear Apple,


    Please show us how Dre and Iovine will generate an ROI for the company.





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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 12,985member
    applezilla wrote: »
    Dear Apple,

    Tomorrow, please make Beats Music part of iTunes Match.

    Love, AppleZilla.

    Dear AppleZilla,

    We've been trying to do just that, but you and your kaiju friends keep wrecking the place.

    Love, Apple
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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    So all these bundled subscriptions were included in the subscription figures given to Apple Presale? Did they count 5 for 1? What a joke!
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    AT&T to customers: Beat it.

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