Apple to require 64-bit support from all iOS apps starting in February



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    Heh - I don't know why I kept it but it's still rock solid - runs smooth as silk.
    Couldn't see the need to upgrade it - handed down to the kids.
    Part of the furniture now

    I have a base model 2009 Mac mini that just keeps chugging. It's well out dated at his point and I can't really find a use for it. Luckily I picked up the 2012 quad core. Now, I'll buy the first mac that has HDMI 2.0. At this point whatever they put in it should be fine, I just want HDMI 2.0.
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    Do yourself a favour and upgrade your iPad. If you don't want to spend on an Air2, you can probably get an Air at a great price. Will be 1000X better than what you have now.

    I generally agree with your opinion, but this last advice you gave is a bit of bullshit. I have and iPad 2 and iOS 8 made it super slow and less responsibe in Safari and Mail (the main basic stuffs I use my iPad for) and even when I can afford to purchase 20 iPad Air 2, I dont feel OK to be pushed to upgrade the hardware when I still use the same basic stuffs and software. Apple should have never allowed iOS 8 support for iPad 2 in a first place because, obviously, it did not improve the overall experiance for its users, in contrary, it makes a completly useable and good device in a not so good device. I updated because I have certain trust in Apple and I assumed (incorrectly) that they will not release a new software for my device that will cripple it. Well, seems that is no longer a truth. Or did they lost their capability to optimize their software for older hardware (im talking about a tables released 3 years ago) or they intentionally want me to buy a new iPad even when my current iPad is like completly NEW. In both cases, Im not happy as client. Again, you cant say that certain hardware support the newly released software, when there is substantial decrease in performace and responsability in the most basic buld-in applications like Safari and Mail. If your solution is to purchase a new Air, for me its not, especially considering what I use my iPad for (any I belive many more considering the decrease in iPad sells for third quarter in a roll reported early this week).

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