Apple's patented iPhone-based CarPlay remote starts cars, performs high-level functions



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    Originally Posted by SockRolid View Post


    Hey, BMW, you reading AppleInsider?

    Either way, please get your scheiße together and integrate CarPlay into your 2016 models.

    I'd hate to have to buy an aftermarket system for my next car.

    you know the radio in a BMW does more than just play music, it handle some of the computer control functionality of the car.

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    Originally Posted by Maestro64 View Post

    yeah go check out youtube on people who installed aftermarket systems  on cars with a manual trans only to find the car crashed into something.


    That would be the problem, wouldn't it? Not the remote starting which comes on such a variety of vehicles these days?

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    Originally Posted by Maestro64 View Post


    you know the radio in a BMW does more than just play music, it handle some of the computer control functionality of the car.


    Have driven many iDrive-equipped BMWs and have been a passenger in even more.

    But I have no idea if it is even possible to replace the iDrive system.

    Come to think of it, maybe it isn't.


    Oh well.  The BMW nav system works fine as it is now.  

    iPhone call / iMessage / music integration works fine now.

    I suppose I could deal with the current level of integration.

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    gatorguy wrote: »
    Perhaps some car manufacturers were encouraged by the old TV show to dabble a little in K.I.T.T tech back in the day. Few people are aware that Mercedes did some development work on a smart key some twenty years ago. It included two-way voice functions for vehicle locking/unlocking, diagnostics, theft deterrence, various vehicle functions, etc. Don't know how far they got with it or whether they bothered patenting anything but in any event they seem to have been way ahead of their time.

    Edit: Wow, they actually patented some of it, tho they apparently have abandoned the idea since they didn't bother to continue paying the USPTO renewal fee.

    They would have expired soon anyway, and with the technology not available yet it made sense to let it lapse.
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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post


    Originally Posted by Rabbit_Coach View Post

    The car drives away on proximity alert.

    This isn't K.I.T.T.

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    Knight Rider!

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