Apple stock closes at all time high as company aims for future growth



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    In fiscal 2014, Apple accounted for $13.9 billion in taxes, including $8.6 billion paid in federal U.S. taxes and $855 million in state tax and with $2.1 billion in foreign taxes. That gave the company an effective tax rate of 26.1 percent and made it a top U.S. taxpayer. The company also paid out $11 billion in dividends, triggering an additional windfall of U.S and state income taxes from the company's recipient shareholders.


    Yes, I read that before I commented.
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    Well, it's up to the individual investor to do the risk assessment himself/herself, just like almost anything in life. Do you get married to that girl, have kids, drive over the speed limit, buy that house/car/shirt?


    That's why I used the term diversified portfolio. Not that anyone with half a clue would be reading random, anonymous bboards like AppleInsider for investment advice.

    I do not recommend a diversified portfolio of wives.

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    Yeah go work for Apple but you better be really good and work 18 hours a day to make me richer
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    The stock is up because I put a buy order in at $100 a week ago. Now I get to watch the price go up and up away from my asking price. :(

    But the shares I already own are making me smile - except the ones I bought @~$700, the S&P is up 30+% since then, while I'm just starting to turn a profit.

    - Jasen.

    So you are one of the last gasp buyers who bought at $700 . Thank you so much
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