Spotify brings its new look to iPad, Skype update lets users save and delete chat photos

in iPhone edited October 2014
Popular music subscription service Spotify updated its official iPad app on Thursday with a new look in line with its iPhone client, while also giving users access to the "Your Music" feature. In addition, Microsoft's Skype for iPhone was also updated with the ability to save and delete photo, as well as a faster chat load time.

Spotify 1.9.0

Spotify for iPad version 1.9.0 brings the same dark theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography found on iPhone and desktop clients of Spotify. The company also said Thursday that it's found tablets are one of the most popular platforms for discovering, curating and saving music, and that's why the Your Music feature has also been added.

With Your Music, users can save, organize and browse their favorite music in a customized fashion. Users can build their collection while on their iPad, then take it on the go when logged in on Spotify for iPhone or Mac.

Spotify for iOS is a free download from the App Store, and randomized tracks can be played for free with ad support. Ad-free subscriptions to the service, including the ability to play any song and listen offline, cost $9.99 per month.

Skype 5.7

Skype for iPhone was also updated Thursday to version 5.7, addressing a number of common user suggestions. In particular, Microsoft has added the ability to save photos from chat to the device's Camera Roll, or delete a sent photo from a chat, by simply pressing and holding the image.

Skype 5.7 also includes a faster chat load time, so when users receive a notification and tap it to open the app, the message can be viewed without any delays.

Microsoft has also added the ability to see all avatars for groups and people, and the latest update also improves the user interface when searchign for people. Skype for iPhone 5.7 is a free download that requires iOS 7 or later.
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