Seth Rogen to play Steve Wozniak alongside Christian Bale's Steve Jobs



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    I thought the Ashton Kutcher/Josh Gad movie was actually amazingly well acted and underrated. Hopefully the Sorokin script will delve into areas untouched by that film and not just a redux.
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    Rogen is an idiot! No range just stupid, aloof and clueless. I've seen nothing to give me any confidence that he can handle Woz!

    Woz as a character will need to be subtle and well crafted... Rogen? I think not! It's like Jim Carey playing Tim Cook!
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    On the other hand, name a movie where Jack Nicholson isn't playing Jack Nicholson. The best actors are being their own person in the situation they find their self.


    True, but are they looking to make Woz's character a lazy, annoying, stoner with the intelligence of a walnut? If thats the case, then Rogen will be perfect.


    Personally not a fan of Rogen. He's a decent comedic writer, but as an actor... I'll pass.

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    Well, they just destroyed any interest I had in the film. I can't stand Seth Rogen.


    Having seen and talked to Woz in person I can't understand why that casting choice was made.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,276moderator
    I think Seth Rogen would be a bad choice too but he might not have much of an input as far as the script goes. The movie is supposed to be backstage at 3 events and in real-time. Woz left Apple in '87 so he'd only really have a part in the first 30 minutes. There's a rumor that Jessica Chastain will be in it too:

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    If that's true, I'd guess either Laurene or Chrisann Brennan but again, I'm not sure how much of a part she'd play. Sorkin said that Bale's part is 3x a normal lead part.

    The events are the Mac launch, some NeXT event and the iPod launch, all played out in real-time with no time breaks and all backstage so you won't see any office, outdoor, home or garage settings. It sounds like a very odd movie but given the heavy part that Bale plays, it sounds like it's going to be more about Steve and deconstructing his persona at key points in his career whereas a movie like the Pirates of Silicon Valley was about the whole story of Apple.

    It's strange how no movie has portrayed the iPhone launch or tried to cover how that came about and the timeline of it. Maybe there aren't enough accounts of what took place to make a movie out of it but you'd think they'd at least throw it in somewhere. Sorkin also said he wants to end the movie with the line "here's to the crazy ones". If it had been the first time it had been used then great but it's so over-used now that I don't think it will have the effect he's after. That's how they ended Kutcher's one too.

    Still, I assumed a movie about Facebook would be dull and it turned out to be pretty good so we'll see. I think one thing acting against it is that it is due to start filming in 2015 and likely won't be out until 2016. To still be talking about Steve, the iPod (which might not even be for sale in 2016) and all those older technologies for the umpteenth time just seems like it's too late and won't have the same level of interest from movie-goers.
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    Just saw the Kutcher Jobs movie yesterday and found myself constantly wincing at the hammer-to-the-head clumsiness of the script and direction. Just awful an ABC After-School Special.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,276moderator
    Just saw the Kutcher Jobs movie yesterday and found myself constantly wincing at the hammer-to-the-head clumsiness of the script and direction. Just awful an ABC After-School Special.

    It had so much potential too. It was ok for a quick turnaround and low budget, which it made back x3:

    Kutcher should have taken some coaching how to act like someone other than Ashton Kutcher and the script could have been better. It was basically a worse version of the Pirates of Silicon Valley but with a lead that looked a bit more like Steve Jobs.


    Woz criticised the Kutcher movie for not being accurate, Kutcher said Woz said this because he was consulting on the other movie:


    Someone uploaded the full thing here:

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,276moderator
    Here's a good interview with Woz about the movies:


    He mentioned that Pirates of Silicon Valley was no more truthful than the Kutcher one but he enjoyed it more. He said that his input on the Sorkin one isn't directly on the script (so far anyway), they just asked him questions and they'll write based on that.
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