Christian Bale passes on role of Steve Jobs, actor reportedly felt he wasn't right for part



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    radarradar Posts: 271member

    Originally Posted by GTR View Post

    There's always the incredibly innovative, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi.

    He bares an incredible likeness to Jobs and I hear Wozniak is very impressed by him.

    I don't know if he can act but, if he can't, he can just copy what the othe actors are doing.

    Hahaha, brilliant!

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    palegolaspalegolas Posts: 1,361member
    Not right for the part.? While that may be how he feels, it sounds like a polite, rhetorical statement. I've got the feeling there's something about the project, or the script, that isn't very good. When people keep exiting the project... But perhaps this is what every movie production is like..
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