Apple issues second OS X 10.10.1 beta to developers, continues focus on Wi-Fi



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    In my opinion Yosemite has been the most stable .0 releases to come along in a long time. Since day one I can’t think of a single show stopper bug that has reared its ugly head. All of the new features work pretty well. Continuity, handoff, iOS phone calls, air drop all work just fine with my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1). 


    Bug fixes are always good.

    Agreed. Absolutely ZERO major issues to report, apart from Steam's crappy performance/disappearing cursor under Yosemite.

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    ylonylon Posts: 48member
    This build fixes a lot of other performance problems on the OS.
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    For some reason, I'm always having issues on the 5 ghz band with all my devices. It's always extremely slow compared to the 2.4 ghz band. I know this isn't a Yosemite issue since it's been this way for a while. I've tried changing channels often, but that doesn't do anything. I'm using the latest Airport Extreme model. 


    As far as Yosemite, I've had no issues with it whatsoever. Like others have said, I agree that this is the most stable release. 

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    I love Yosemite, UI wise and functionality wise, and I 've suggested a few minor things that need to be ironed out, in said thread: , and I am listing them to leave full feedback at apple.


    Otherwise I am super happy, I think above all Jony Ive's team has done a really great job. Chrome's out with the rest of Larry Pages's garbage, permanently, and safari is super fast, capable, and I am loving bird's eye view. Spotlight's great, and dark mode's always on.


    In addition, and I am in the minority here probably, but I really dig the new iTunes, and I really can't see what the fuss is all about. It's finally streamlined as it should be, every option is clearly indicated, it looks great, text and icons are the right size for usability, drag and drop is enabled for iOS devices, and it's no longer a beast. I actually think this iTunes is by far the best in a long series of hit and miss. 


    But wifi remains an issue and it's good that focus has gone there. My mavericks systems have zero drop outs, while my yosemite systems have almost constant drop outs. 


    After the utter shock that was Lion, the remedial measures with ML and Mavs, Yosemite has come to it's own, it's super worthy 10th release of OS X, and it's very very evident that Greg managing the code base, and Jony and his team the UI, have done a very fine job indeed. It shows cooperation and vision for the advancement of the OS, not the mismatch of styles, poorly thought out or half baked ideas that was lion, ml and to a much lesser degree Mavs. 

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    I can't say I'm having issues with WiFi because I'm hardlined in.  I do have several issues with my MacMini6,2 that I never had with Mavericks.  For one, there's flickering of the screen (not with every boot, but it does happen) whenever the background changes.  Forget about watching any video when that happens as well.  It's like the GPU (I know, a pathetic Intel 4000) doesn't know that it's always booting up connected to a 30" ACD.  There are several times when the monitor stays black during loading entirely, even though the monitor is connected and has power.  iTunes has caused me nothing but grief with Yosemite.  I have had mixed luck downloading movies in iTunes and being able to watch them at all.  I just get a black screen and the pause button, but the film never even advances in the timestamp.  Normally, I'm pretty lucky with jumping into upgrades with this setup, but Yosemite has me pulling my hair out.  I'm hoping to see some serious improvements in this upcoming update.  

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