Samsung unveils 'Project Beyond,' a new 360-degree camera for recording virtual reality content



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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    Busy Samsung keeping really busy stirring another pot.
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    Ah, yes... so, instead of 10 sleeping guards, you have one "resting his eyes."

    If Samsung is announcing VR that is not yet ready for market, can announcements of Jet Packs and military robots be far behind?? If you think this will ever go anywhere, I have a couple 4-story barges full of shipping containers I want to sell you...

    This feels like Samsung is trying to appear "edgy" and copy Google in throwing money into the wind. If this camera is small enough to fit into the nether regions of an elephant, that would be a virtual reality trip no one has thought about... yet.... :smokey:

    So Samsung is the real world equivalent of Hammer Industries?
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    After watching the video, my thought was, VR? we must still be a millenia away from it. Reminded me more like a slapstick from the 30ties.
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    Cool tech, the guys behind Oculus are doing amazing stuff.

    Not to worry guys, Apple will swoop in and profit off this when the market matures!
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    I was actually interested in this announcement until I saw it wasn't going to be for sale. I was thinking, I could use this to film a family vacation, then later on go back in time and feel like I'm there again. But, it's not going to be a consumer product for the foreseeable future? Why announce it now? You're stealing your own thunder. This is no different than some kickstarter campaign. Anyone can strap 16 cameras together, not everyone can make a consumer product at consumer volume at a consumer price. Apple doesn't just innovate, they're also masters of the consumer arts.
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    Brilliant. Announce a "product" that you can't have.... Called vaporware!
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    shsfshsf Posts: 302member

    And the ad is shit:


    A bunch of kids go to a sunny beach all dressed in black with a big eff off suitcase which for some reason is required to house a slender tripod and a 10 cm circumference device and film eff all, then one of them walks in a grey floored empty room with a grey T, picks up and wears a pair of oversized goggles that make him look like a hammer head, watches said empty beach, then various landmarks around the globe, and then... there's the Samsung spec sheet, as if anyone's interested in having a pointed arrow show the "cooling system".


    Utterly dreadful, makes me want to kill myself instead of wanting to try, let alone buy this.


    If it's vapourware anyway why not, say, have it inside the sea to really capture a world you can't experience that often unless via VR. Or in a really spectacular place on a mountain, in a jungle, maybe somewhere you could set it and leave and then experience the place afterwards.


    But that would mean they have some imagination, and some vision about the possibilities of what they are trying to market.


    Also if that thing's on a tripod then all you can do is move your head around and see one thing, as if you were motionless in a place, how 's that a great experience?

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,955moderator
    cambo wrote: »
    WOW! Samsung actually comes up with something NEW AND GROUNDBREAKING!!! They're finally spending money on R&D...oh...wait a minute...oh, yeah, from 2013...

    2008 at least:

    I think it has some interesting applications such as being right next to a sports event as though you were sitting right there or giving someone immobile a virtual day out with friends where one person has the camera attached to them. In a racing event, they could have the camera on the car. I don't think it has much mass appeal as it is now. The advert shows two people sitting on a sofa as normal and it suggests VR Cinema but you wouldn't look like that. The ugly truth of VR is you look something like this:


    People tend to find the experience immersive so it's compelling:



    I think it needs to be more like normal glasses and wireless:

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    shsfshsf Posts: 302member

    They copied the grey floor too. :\ 

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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    The ugly truth of VR is you look something like this:


    Shrink the tech down (as it will eventually be done) and this will be quite appealing. I’ve always wanted to try out one of those omnidirectional movement systems...

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    Interesting stuff. It definitely has potential and is the type of thing that will very obviously be used all over. Just think of sporting events where stuff sometimes happens off camera and nobody actually saw it? Problem solved.


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    davendaven Posts: 667member

    Originally Posted by schlack View Post

    wow. pretty ground breaking. if this is capturing video, it ought to be amazing to ride along with the view via a VR headset. You could look around as you move through space and see people moving around you.

    got to image that this is going to cost at least $1K to build and probably $3K-$5K to purchase when it eventually hits the market. this will not be a consumer device.

    Maybe not a consumer device but if you can do 3d walking tours of interesting places it can generate a fair amount of content easily and subsequently significant interest in Occulus products.

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    davendaven Posts: 667member

    Originally Posted by Cambo View Post

    WOW! Samsung actually comes up with something NEW AND GROUNDBREAKING!!! They're finally spending money on R&D...oh...wait a minute...oh, yeah, from 2013...

    Wait a minute...Ricoh...they own Pentax...didn't Samsung use to make parts for Pentax...oh, yeah...

    I hate to come to Sammy's defense but there is a big difference. The Ricoh camera is 360 degrees but not stereoscopic. If you were to look through a VR headset, it would be like needing to close one eye so you don't have any 3d information. With Samsung's solution you can look around and things are in 3d. That adds a lot to the realism.

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    Originally Posted by PScooter63 View Post



    Yeah, but who's yer daddy....??


    LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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