Gazelle's $20 cash bonus on working iPad trade-ins expires tonight

in iPad edited December 2014
Readers who recently purchased a new iPad still have a few hours to lock in an extra $20 cash bonus on the payout value for their old models from Gazelle.

Trade-in Price Guide

The industry's leading buyback service is offering a $20 cash bonus tacked onto any iPad trade-in where the iPad is in both working order and valued by AppleInsider partner Gazelle at $75 or more. To take advantage of the offer, readers simply need to click through this link to activate the $20 cash bonus. The offer expires at midnight on Dec. 10.

For instance, Gazelle is currently paying up to $245 for iPad Airs, up to $190 for iPad minis with Retina display, and up to $205 for old iPad 4 units.

How it Works

To begin, you first lock in your trade-in price by visiting Gazelle's website, where you will be asked to assess the physical and operational condition of your device by rating it in one of three tiers -- broken, good, or flawless. The ratings include factors like whether the device's screen is cracked or if it has ever been damaged by liquids. You can see a list of current maximum payouts for iPads in the table below or in our Trade-in Payout Guide.

Gazelle box

A few days after locking in your price quote, a pre-paid shipping box will show up on your doorstep. Gazelle gives a generous 30 day grace period from the time you lock in your trade in offer to the time you need to pack the device -- and only the device -- securely in the box and drop it in the mail. Alternatively, you can use your own shipping box and simply print and affix a pre-paid shipping label from Gazelle's website.

Gazelle box

Unlike some of its competitors, Gazelle handles all trade-in inspections itself, doesn't nitpick over the trade-in value of devices that arrive in good working order, and will even completely wipe your device of data before passing it along to its new owner.

Once Gazelle receives your old handset or tablet, the company will issue a check within 10 business days as long as the device's condition matches your online assessment. Alternatively, you can choose to be paid more quickly via PayPal, receive an 5 percent bonus by accepting payment in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, or donate the proceeds entirely to charity.


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