Undercover video shows alleged worker rights violations at Apple supplier



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    I actually watched a little of the BBC show. The presenter was hugely bias against Apple and conveniently left out facts such as the companies involved manufacture items for other companys. Apple is trying to improve conditions but there is only so much that can be done, and it should not always be apples responsibility.

    The doctrine is informally called "It's only wrong when Apple does it."
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    See it for yourself



    The last 10 minutes are missing. This version has the whole thing but the audio is out of sync with the picture: 

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    Apple does more than any company out there in respect to foreign workers rights. This is all rediculous, the comment about the kids digging tin by hand has absolutely nothing to do with Apple! Let's see here now, what about that android device in the reporter's pocket? The camera the reporter is using? The digital watch on their wrist? The electronics in their vehicle????? And the list goes on,, typical reporter BS so that they might glene some notoriety!!
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