Apple's Tim Cook named CEO of the year by CNN



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    jakebjakeb Posts: 559member
    Well deserved.

    Also, never noticed but Tim has some serious muscles. Guy is an overachiever in every way. I barely find time to workout and I'm not the CEO of anything.
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    pazuzu wrote: »
    Seriously who else could it be?  Apple is driving the entire US economy

    But who cares what CNN picks for this anyway (the home of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Giffin? seriously?)- the Wall Street Journal  or Forbes would be the only source of note.

    To be blunt, (and unrelated to this particular story) I find nearly all news gathering organizations' credibility to be at an all time low. When the national news reports "selfies", "tweets" and viral videos as worthy of attention, you know something is seriously broken.
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    badmonk wrote: »
    seriously Meg Whitman was in the running...
    Why were any of them in the running?

    Credit to Tim Cook on the watch, although its not actually out yet. Other than that though did any of these companies do anything significantly different to the year before or did some successful companies just remain successful?
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