'The Interview' lands on iTunes as Sony's best-selling online movie ever



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    nolamacguy wrote: »
    what a thick thing to believe. people in the US take attacks on our freedom of speech and constitution very seriously. when "Deep Throat" was banned even little old ladies went to the theaters to stand up for what we believe in -- the right to see something, even if it's low-brow or crappy. it's the basis of our nation and its part of our DNA. to say that standing up for or practicing that right in the name of principle is thick is just ignorant. 

    meanwhile, the UK has banned face-sitting in porn. say hi to big brother for me.


    Thanks for proving my point.
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    Too late. I already bought from Google. Sorry Apple- you snooze you lose.
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    Originally Posted by pazuzu View Post

    Too late. I already bought from Google. Sorry Apple- you snooze you lose.

    This was the first time I've ever given Google my cash. They won big time with this movie. I definitely would have gone Apple if it was available. Using Google's software was a pain in the ass (their Google Play app is shit and all the reviews I read came from other Interview watchers), since they block AirPlay, and you can't watch Google Play videos on mobile via YouTube. I ended up mirroring my iPad to my TV, then zooming the TV screen way in. It was passable.

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    Just saying pedantically:

    "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech ..."


    So in the USA it pretty much has to be Congressional overreach involved when one invokes freedom of speech. The constitution doesn't say anything about a neighbor telling you to shut up. In this bizarre case it was some basically unidentified source making terroristic threats against Sony and any theaters that chose to show the film. So it is better thought of as extortion (which, of course, has failed in a spectacular fashion).


    What I find even more interesting is how this incident may have undermined the implicit threat of boycott that theater owners have held over film makers not to release movies to individuals until the theaters have had a monopoly for a significant period of time. There are many homes with large screens, great sound systems, and nicer ambiance and that number is always increasing. I expect there will always be some movies I would rather see on a larger screen in the company of like minded strangers but it would be nice to have a choice.

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    Meh... either way they could not buy publicity like this for this movie.

    Wasn't going to seek it out BEFORE all the rhetoric, dont feel like supporting a movie dreamt up in 20 mins while high. "hey we should make that into a movie, ya & we'd get paid millions for it, people watch any sh*t we make".


    I totally believe in freedom of speech, but be careful what you wish for. If it was anti-islamic or anti muslim yikes those guys would be in hiding for years.... how do you like your freedom now.


    Interesting thread tho on the overall topic, but I personally would not waste bandwidth on this movie.

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    irnchriz wrote: »
    Not their best movie but entertaining enough with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Each to their own but I think that if you are an old fart or take life too seriously you are not gonna like this.

    I watched it with a friend and we both thought it was hilarious too. Of course, if you take yourself a little too seriously (like some here) and are the type that would rather brag about the latest indie flick you just pretended to enjoy then it's not for you. But if you have a good sense of humor then I highly recommend it.
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    Originally Posted by runbuh View Post

    You and I both were completely wrong at various times during these Sony discussions, both based on a lack of data. Folks like NasserAE helped to enlighten, while you continue to be your asinine self (after others had to enlighten YOU in the other thread).


    No, again, I was right and you were wrong. Just say it. Why are you scared?

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