First look: SenseHUD turns your iPhone into a portable heads-up display

in iPhone edited January 2015
Unveiled at CES, SenseHUD is portable device that promises to transform your smartphone into an automotive heads-up display, offering an aftermarket alternative to expensive preinstalled car navigation systems.

Touted as a safe alternative to in-car cellphone mounting systems, SenseDriver Technologies' SenseHUD uses a smartphone and specialized app to present calls, directions, speed and other information on a transparent dashboard-mounted screen.

To use SenseHUD, users simply slide in a smartphone face-up, which connects via Bluetooth to open SenseDriver's special Hudson app. The device reflects images from the handset's display using a special electrochromatic LCD, which automatically adjusts to one of three viewing levels depending on ambient lighting conditions.

Like systems that come installed by automakers, the images SenseHUD throws up seemingly floats in space -- ideally just below a driver's vision -- so users can stay informed while keeping their eyes on the road.

Along with head-up capabilities, SenseHUD can accept voice commands through the Hudson app, including access to maps, turn-by-turn directions, current speed, reply to messages and more. Map data is taken from the OpenStreetMap project.

SenseHUD ships this summer and can be preordered for $99 through SenseDriver's website.


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    emoelleremoeller Posts: 527member
    So if this thing could function as a head unit for Apple Car Play, I would certainly consider puchasing one.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    Instead of showing the generic GPS directions that everyone has had to deal with since the beginning, WHY NOT PROJECT A LINE ON THE ROAD’S LANE ITSELF TO SHOW PEOPLE EXACTLY WHERE TO DRIVE?


    That’s what true in-windshield displays will eventually do; why not start the trend now?

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    No no no. The iPhone screen should not be reflected on to this screen. This means you have to place your iPhone on top of the dash.

    Why not simply create a HUD which can mirror the iPhone display like AppleTV does? Connect via WiFi or Bluetooth to accomplish this. This way, the iPhone can stay in the car by your side or where you can reach it and away from the sun so it doesn't overheat.
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    Why does it have a thick bezel and why is the bezel black?

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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    I have a new BMW active Touer with head up display. This display is perhaps smaller than SenseHUD and does not have any bezel. I think this is because the BMW's plastic is thicker. I am glad I added a head up display to my car when I ordered as it is proving really useful. Not only road directions, lane information, road names, distance to the next turning eye, but other information such as music track names, speed, name of incoming caller and more. Really useful. Slight problem with sunglasses in that it is harder to read but you can still read ok.
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