LastPass unveils new Mac app, Khan Academy brings full experience to iPad

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Two popular brands released interesting new apps for the Apple ecosystem on Tuesday, as web-based password manager LastPass unveiled its first native Mac app while educational non-profit Khan Academy launched an all-new iPad app.


The new app allows users to access and manage credentials stored in LastPass outside of the browser and, importantly, while offline. Until now, Mac users were only offered the choice of managing passwords through a browser extension or the LastPass website.

LastPass's app functions much in the same way as competitors like 1password. Credentials -- along with identification documents, credit cards, and other data -- can be stored securely in the "mini vault" and called up via "quick search," which is triggered using a keyboard shortcut.

A new "security challenge" feature is also available to give users a bird's-eye overview of their password security, alerting users when passwords are old or too weak.

LastPass version 3.2 is available now as a free, 5.1-megabyte download from the Mac App Store.

Khan Academy

First launched more than two years ago, Khan Academy's iPad app has been overhauled to give iPad users access to the full Khan Academy experience. In addition to session videos, users can now choose from more than 150,000 interactive math exercises with immediate feedback and hints for those who get stuck.

The app makes use of MyScript-powered handwriting recognition to allow for answers to be input by writing on the screen. Content is automatically adjusted to each user's skill level, and progress is synchronized to the website.

Khan Academy version 2.0 is available now as a free, 62.8-megabyte download from the App Store.


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    Originally Posted by DimMok View Post



    “I will leave you as you left me… marooned with tens of thousands of dollars in debt in an economy where forty percent of people are out of work…”


    Or, if you prefer the Bonaparte Cummerbund version,


    “…” I don’t remember any of his lines. Because he wasn’t at all like Khan

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    I'm a big fan of Khan Academy. They are the best educational program out there. I downloaded the app and browsed around. Awesome is all I have to say. If only LAUSD had just gone with Khan there would not have been any iPad controversy. 

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    It appears that the LastPass Mac App is not available in the U.S. Mac App store. :-/
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