iPhone users can now reload their Starbucks Card with Apple Pay



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    Seems like it’d just be easier to, you know, use Apple Pay for the payments instead of a pointless middle man card.
    Nice...I guess. Personally, I see no reason for the Starbucks card if one is using Apple Pay

    Great likes think a mind.

    Cute, though I think you meant to say
    Great likes mind a think.
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    morky wrote: »
    Kee-rash. At least it does for me when I try to reload card with ApplePay. Rebooted phone. Kaboom.

    Blame Apple.

    I've been getting regular reboots again on iOS 8.1.3 in various apps.
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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,740member

    Re: auto reload


    I think the purpose of Touch ID with ?Pay is to have to confirm the payment at the time of the payment.  Maybe Apple (or Starbucks) hasn't squared away how to combine that with a subscription or automatic reload?  I know auto reload worked fine when I kept a credit card associated with my Starbucks card but I've since thought the better of that.  YMMV

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    You can't use Applepay to pay for your Starbucks purchase, you need their app for that.


    You can only use Applepay to reload your Starbucks card.



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    dcgoo wrote: »

    Target already supports in-App Apple Pay. Just not in their stores.  Who knows what CVS will do.  For now, they just shut NFC off entirely. 

    I'm well aware of those things, thus the original comment.
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    version 3.2.2 also crashes
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