Beats Music integration only part of the story as Apple wants to 'be the music business'



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    Bach is the greatest composer to have ever lived. No-one else comes close, not even Beethoven or Mozart. All music since has been a nice attempt in comparison.

    All modern music stems from Bach. He created the foundations of modern harmony.

    There hasn't been any good scientist (loosely used term), since Nicolaus Copernicus. No advance in mathematics or astronomy since him.



    Copernicus, aye? Did he wear copper knickers?

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    The problem is thinking that the USA is like Sweden.

    Not much Hollywood- type TV and movies being produced in the Swede language. Citizens turn to the local music scene as their main source of entertainment because of this. What happens in Sweden does not happen in the USA and other countries receiving major influence from Hollywood and smaller quality film industries such as the U.K.

    If the Swedish film industry spent more money to effectively compete with Hollywood, the music industry in Sweden would be in a major downfall. However, it's unlikely these film investments would be recouped since there isn't enough citizens globally that speak Swede.

    A lot of these major music company CEOs are merely speculators nearly akin to throwing as many darts as possible to get that one bull's eye. Very bad idea to decrease music prices to compete with Hollywood. It won't increase music industry revenues. Only the opposite, as already proven by industry stats.

    Someone is selling you a pipe dream. I'm not buying.
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    Michelangelo. He wasn't english image

    He was a white man from Oxford just like Jesus!



    I don't know about that, but, in a sense, you're on the right lines, in that God is an Englishman.

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    So that's why we get all the best weather.

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    So that's why we get all the best weather.


    I guess so.

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    clemynx wrote: »
    Frankly classical music isn't very deep imo on that and each piece deals with only a few emotions at a time, even if maybe with more subtlety. 

    I was in an English class once back in college where the prof was asking us about good reads we've had that we would recommend to the class and one classmate effusively recommended "The Boys From Brazil". You're kind of like that person.
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    Hey, Apple, I think you're Great, but stay off my lawn.


    A Music Company
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    Tesla is apparently going to sell batteries for home installation and use with solar powered homes. I can see Apple being involved in off grid and grid tie systems. One attractive feature I think that is overlooked on electric cars is being able to power the house from the battery in the car for emergency uses; or perhaps to transport energy to the house to reduce dependence on the utility. If you can charge your car for free (or a very reduced cost) elsewhere - access to a solar power station for example - then take it home and use the free electricity, the costs become much easier to recover.

    One of the worst comments ever.

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    crowley wrote: »
    He was a white man from Oxford just like Jesus!

    Come on, Jesus went to Cambridge!
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    The Beats acquistion will pay for itself in 5 years.


    Amazing job by Cook 

    This, much maligned and misunderstood at the time it happened.

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    sog35 wrote: »
    The Beats acquistion will pay for itself in 5 years.

    Amazing job by Cook 

    5 years? If you don't even include the headphone division, it will still pay for itself in 5 years. Including the headphones, it will pay for itself in less than 2 years.
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    Never assume anything. From Disney to Edison , from Coca-Cola to Ford. Everyone fails at some point. No one is exempt. Remember Apple HIFI?


    I notice you always eventually resort to this meaningless, empty, predictable line when you're called out on your constant mockery and attacks on Tim and Apple, and when you're questioned as to why you're so confident that you're right and they're wrong, with Apple's track record. 


    Hint: That line does not give an credence or legitimacy to your constant, childish mockery and trolling. Pretending you know everything there is to know about these deals, being called out on your lies and falsehoods, then instead of backing up what you're saying with any kind of actual fact or rational thought, trotting out the "everyone fails at some point" trash is just so transparent as to your actual intents, and level of intellectual dishonesty. Especially when the company you've been saying is on the pathway to failure just had its biggest quarter ever. So what's your timeline for failure? Again, conveniently left out. I'm assuming anything until "the end of the universe as we know it" qualifies. 


    Oh, just noticed you're banned. Hopefully this time it will be forever, or at least enough time to give this forum a breather. You contribute nothing of worth to this forum, never have, and never will. 

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    If Apple "wants to be the music business" are they going to owe Paul McCartney and Ringo a ton of money or were they bought off permanently?
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