Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis visits Apple HQ, meets with CEO Tim Cook



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    nick29 wrote: »
    This is race pandering, pure and simple. It doesn't matter what Lewis and Cook discussed, all that matters is the photo op, and the Tweet, and the gushing about how much of a hardon Cook has for "equality" and how evil all those straight, white males are for working at Apple.

    To Cook's credit, America is a country where image is everything. Inviting Lewis, or Jackson, or any other race hustler is a good way to gain protection in the "racism" racket. It makes me wretch, but its not going to hurt the bottom line.

    How much do you want to bet that Apple doesn't have another straight, white male as CEO this century, if ever again?
    This post is heading beyond the event horizon of stupidity.


    It's a post of infinite wisdom.
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    Originally Posted by Tifoso27 View Post

    " battle to fight today with regard to civil rights..." Really?


    Well, the battle for white rights, I suppose.

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