Google in talks with wearables maker Jawbone over potential investment, report says

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Google is reportedly in preliminary talks to buy a stake in Jawbone, perhaps best known for its popular UP line of fitness trackers, as the Internet search giant moves further into the wearable device industry.

Sources with knowledge of the talks describe Google's interest in Jawbone as a "strategic investment," not a wholesale buyout, reports Re/code. The publication points out that Jawbone has met with a number of strategic investors recently, but says discussions with Google are in their early stages and may not result in an investment.

Google's potential investment does not yet have a number attached to it, nor do the two companies agree on Jawbone's current valuation, the report says. In its last investment round in September, Jawbone raised $250 million, which puts the firm's valuation at more than $3 billion. Coincidentally, Google picked up former Apple executive Tony Fadell's Nest Labs for $3.2 billion last year.

With a stake in Jawbone, Google would have an important partner as it pushes into wearable technology with the Android Wear platform. The Mountain View, Calif., company reportedly started looking for potential acquisitions in the wearable technology space since early last year, a move in line with its robotics strategy.

In November, Jawbone announced a next-generation UP3 fitness tracking band with sensors for measuring heart rate, respiration, hydration levels and galvanic skin response, but the device suffered manufacturing delays and has yet to ship. Current estimates on the company's website claim preorders will start shipping in 10 to 11 weeks.

Alongside the UP3, a stripped down coin-like fitness tracker called UP Move debuted to satisfy entry-level users. That product is shipping now for $49.99.


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    Like their Nexus like of smartphones, but for wearables? Google Nexus Wristus?
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    I'll be chucking mine out if this happens.
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    Another also-ran foolish investment by Google which will never pay off. They and Samsung should quit trying to coy apple. They always lose when they try. Maybe they should stock to robotic dogs and putting men on Mars. At least those are original ideas not lesser versions of Apple ideas.
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    Bunch of dumb morons who live their lives by making pennies per ads shoving up our a$$ know nothing about technology except first investing, then take over, make a mess and finally shut it down!

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    It'll be super convenient to sign in to your Google account to share all your jawbone data. /s
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    How in the world could there possibly be so many $1 billion+ companies? I think there's a whole lot of overvaluing going on out there.
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    Google is as usual copying Apple, unsuccessfully. A day late and a dollar short. In fact speaking of short I would short GOOG stock. Wall St doesn't seem to understand how badly Apple is beating them on almost every level. And if Apple replaces Googler Search on IOS ---

    GOOG $300?
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    How in the world could there possibly be so many $1 billion+ companies? I think there's a whole lot of overvaluing going on out there.


    Hence the crash coming by the end of 2016.

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    This company seems to have a stake in lots of independent companies.
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