Pebble unveils steel version of color Time watch, announces 'smartstrap' accessory support



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    k2kwk2kw Posts: 1,756member
    mazda 3s wrote: »

    Agreed, a smartwatch should give you quick, glancable information. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be staring lovingly at tiny smartwatch display. Now my smartphone or tablet, that's a different story. I'd gladly take an inferior e-paper display that provides useful information and allows for week-long battery life than a gorgeous display that will last a day.

    The week long battery time is great that I'm please enough with the gold and red version. I just can't see myself getting an apple watch where I have to deal with charging another device on a three day business trip.
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    muppetry wrote: »

    You may be right, but machines can be programmed to have excellent attention to detail so I'm not sure that follows. 

    The key point bei machines with less attention to detail. They won't be high end machines like apples.
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