BitTorrent Sync gains new look, Mint for iOS picks up bill reminders, Sonos adds simpler Room access

in iPhone edited March 2015
A trio of important app updates were released onto the iOS App Store Wednesday, adding a new Pro service for BitTorrent's Sync file sharing, interface refinements for Sonos Controller on iOS, and bill reminders for Intuit's iOS budget tracker, Mint.

BitTorrent Sync goes Pro

BitTorrent Sync for iOS was updated Tuesday to version 2.0. Some improvements include redesigned desktop and mobile interfaces, a new certificate-based security system, and features such as the ability to pause sync for individual folders.

Above all though the v2.0 update adds support for a new Pro tier. Subscribers can access all their shared folders by linking devices with a private identity, and configure folders to be accessed on-demand, ensuring that files are only saved locally as needed.

Folder permissions can also be configured at any time. The core Sync clients are free to download, but a Pro subscription is only free for the first 30 days, costing $40 per year thereafter.

Sonos Controller speeds up Rooms access

The interface changes in Sonos Controller include a relocated Rooms menu, now available by tapping the top of any pane. iPads have gained dedicated screens for what's playing and music discovery, and all users can drag to scrub through an enhanced track progression bar as long as the music source supports it.

Browsing has been made easier with faster access to Search, plus added swipe gestures associated with the Now Playing screen. The app requires a compatible Sonos-made speaker.

Mint picks up bill reminders

Mint's bill reminders are displayed on the Updates and Overview tabs. In the case of Updates, these show bills due in the next seven days; Overview lists all reminders, and lets users edit them or add new ones.

Other tweaks to the app include Accessibility support on the Login, Signup, Split Transactions, and Transaction Detail pages, as well the combination of multiple high spending alerts into a single Updates card.
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