Eddy Cue blasts Alex Gibney's 'mean-spirited' Steve Jobs documentary at SXSW



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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,521member

    One of the commenters on the Verge (who, of course, ran a Jobs hit piece using this turd as evidence.) said that one of the producers is a lawyer for Gawker Media. That explains the focus on that incident.

    That was in the text of the story on 9to5. Gaby Darbyshire is former legal head for Gawker or Gizmodo, now he's a producer for this hit piece on Jobs.

    Was Alex Gibney a mouthpiece for Gawker? Given the one-dimensional POV of this movie—apparently, I haven't seen it—it's one explanation for the slant.

    The other possibility is that Alex Gibney is a one-dimensional "thinker." Based on his snarky Q & A at SXSW, I can well belive that too. Joking about Tim Cook's liver-tissue donation, supressing a joke about Steve's pancreas, etc.

    In any case, something really stinks about this post-mortem character assassination. Too bad. I had admired his work on "The Magic Trip," about Kesey and the Pranksters. Now i'm thinking Alex Gibney is a virgin, in the Jobs sense, and was faking his presumed Gnosis.
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    dysamoriadysamoria Posts: 2,349member

    Also, Melinda was the key force behind Bill going into philanthropy, and I somewhat agree he does it for image building more than genuine generosity.

    Yeah, it's all about image and influence. He's aging. He wants to have some kind of legacy on the books when he dies. Also, his philanthropy is very much based on shaping the systems he "gives" to. He's behind a few generally bad ideas, backing them as if he is any kind of expert in them (like education), which he isn't. The only thing he might be expert in is influence via money.
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