AppleInsider podcast recaps exclusive Project Titan details, first look at Force Touch trackpad, mor

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This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast is now available to download and subscribe in iTunes or SoundCloud, with detailed analysis of this week's news. Editors Neil Hughes and Mikey Campbell review their 'Project Titan' Apple Car report, we give a first look and thoughts on the new MacBook Force Touch trackpad, Nintendo commits to make mobile games, online Apple TV service coming this fall, and more.

This week, AppleInsider staff members Neil Hughes, Mikey Campbell, Victor Marks and Stephen Robles discuss the top stories:

Project Titan, SixtyEight & SG5: Inside Apple's top-secret electric car project
First Look: Apple's Forch Touch trackpad
Apple to launch online TV support this Fall
Nintendo to bring games to mobile
Facebook wants you to send money with their Messenger app

The show is available on Apple's iTunes. You can listen to the podcast and subscribe via this link:


You can also listen to it embedded via SoundCloud below:

Show note links:

Project Titan, SixtyEight & SG5: Inside Apple's top-secret electric car project

The art of deception: How Apple attempts to keep its secret projects under wraps

First look: Apple's Force Touch trackpad on the early 2015 MacBook Pro

Apple to launch online TV service with support from major providers this fall, report says

Apple's subscription TV service predicted to cost below $40 to compete with cable providers

Nintendo to bring games and IP to smartphones with DeNA partnership

Facebook Messenger gains app-based person-to-person money transfers

Fully-functional Launcher returns to App Store, Pixelmator for iPad gets watercolors

Hosts: @thisisneil, @mikeycampbell81,@vmarks and @stephenrobles

We'd appreciate your feedback and comments, as well as any questions that we can answer on future episodes. Send your responses to the AppleInsider Podcast at or follow or tweet at us @appleinsider.


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    I wish everyone would quit acting like they have any real news or new information on project Titan.
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    68 Research
    if you translate that with old school pager alphabet 68 can be CA
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    68 Research


    using old school pager code which matches the age group of apple execs 68 can be CA


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    Having four of you jabbering away was just great. 


    Neil sounds like a muppet (in a nice way!), Victor like a more refined muppet, Mikey is the mature Daddy, and Stephen is a velvet-voiced host. I love the humour you all bring to it. Listening to it feels like I'm eavesdropping on a good-natured chat in a Gentleman's club; many thanks!


    Edit: Victor almost has a slightly Canadian accent to me, though he still sounds like Steve Jobs.

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