How to enable SMS text messaging through Continuity on iPad and Mac



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    Originally Posted by AppleinsiderFrm View Post

    Wow. That is a really great idea!

    I mean, come on. Some of the basic functionality of our devices must be something that could be modified by asking Siri to take care of it, don't you think? Apple means beautiful simplicity, not layers of menus to navigate and guess at functionality.

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    It is not SMS, but iMessage and it is different. No discussions. Also if you deliver via e-mail then it is backup channel. Thjousands of people including myself had this damn sessions with Apple Support to clarify their inability to determine proper device to deliver. SMS works on your provider network - not on iMessage.

    The simplle prof of lame Apple solution is that it is delivered to donated iPad thousands miles away rather than to my iPhone. If it was SMS then it would be delivered preciisely to user identified by phone number (iPhone) and perhaps as backup to other channels/devices.

    I already had dsicussion with engineers at Apple and they agreed so I am not going to discuss this here.
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    The article is a good guide, unless you have 2-step verification turned on and have to have an app specific password generated, copied and pasted into the correct field. Good luck getting help with this, even Apple Store employes' will shrug their shoulders and mumble "I dunno, sorry"
    After completing all the security hurtles you will have successfully, securely locked yourself out of your own applications if anything changes. What happened to the "Users Experience" being Apples most important design value?
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    Although I'd certainly like none of us to be having issues, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with 2-factor authentication enabled having issues. Everything worked fine for me but then I went to set things up on a new Mac and that's really wreaked havoc here. Now on my existing Mac I can no longer see my iPhone phone number as a valid address to use in FaceTime or iMessage. In addition, when I turn on the Text Forwarding switch in the iPhone and I'm supposed to get a code on my Mac I get...nothing. So I not only can't send SMs messages from my Mac, I can't even receive iMessages on my Mac iMessages that are addressed to my phone number (which is what everyone uses to send me iMessages--since, after all, most people think they're just sending texts from their iPhones). What a freaking mess. Come on, Apple: fix this crap! Now I'm faced with either turning off 2-factor authentication or not being able to work properly.

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    Stephen Robles - thank you so much. This was a great help and by no means obvious as to how it should be set up! Thanks again! A great help! 
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