Apple announces 10 new Apple Pay merchants including Gamestop & T-Mobile [u]

in iPhone edited April 2015
Apple on Wednesday updated its "Where to use Apple Pay" webpage, adding a total of ten new merchants to an ongoing list of retailers that accept the company's branded NFC-based mobile payments system [updated].

Customers can now use Apple Pay at Acme, Davis Food & Drug, Firehouse Subs, Gamestop, Luby's, Rubio's and T-Mobile locations.

In addition to retail stores, Apple also notes NBA fans can use their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus -- or come April 24, Apple Watch -- to buy official team gear at three arenas. In all, there are 68 featured merchants spotlighted on Apple's page, though there are many more around the U.S. who accept Apple Pay through contactless payment terminals.

It was already known that Amway Center, home to the Orlando Magic, and the Golden State Warriors' Oracle Arena supported Apple Pay transactions. In fact, SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue explained Apple Watch's Apple Pay capabilities to journalists at Oracle Arena last month. The Phoenix Suns' US Airways Center was added to the list today.

Upcoming merchants expected to roll out Apple Pay point-of-sale terminals in the near future include Carmike Cinemas and Raley's.

On the digital side, Apple Pay's list of featured apps that support in-app purchases grew by one with apartment search app RadPad.

Apple last updated its Apple Pay compatibility webpage in March when it added Jamba Juice, Office Max and 12 other supporting merchants.


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    Stater Bros Grocery Store in Southern California, UCI Dining facilities and the bookstore at University of California, Irvine also support Apple Pay.
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    I asked gamestop about a month ago and they had just gotten new terminals but not with nfc I bet it's different for each location . Haven't been to a chevron lately but I'll try it next time
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    nice site
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    nice site
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member
    Are these just merchants turning on NFC on their POS terminal or installing new ones, then saying they support Apple pay. At this point I do not believe Apple or the merchant has to do anything special. I've been to stores with the new NFC terminals which are not on Apple's list and Apple pay just work. I said this before for Apple pay to work the cashier has to finish the transaction the right way for the terminal to recognize the phones NFC.
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,314member

    My experience with NFC card readers that are not specifically Apple Pay is that they accept payment through the phone, but process it like a debit or credit card. Meaning I need to enter a PIN or sign the screen.

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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member
    mike1 wrote: »
    My experience with NFC card readers that are not specifically Apple Pay is that they accept payment through the phone, but process it like a debit or credit card. Meaning I need to enter a PIN or sign the screen.

    That has not been my experience, again I believe it has something to do with how the transaction is completed by the cashier. Just the other day was at the store and wife pulled out the CC and I noticed it was a new HTC terminal through up my phone it process and it was done.
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    Still can't use my Discover Card!! Ugh! I can't wait to use Apple Pay, but we only use Discover!!!!!
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    rhoninrhonin Posts: 60member

    I was in Gamestop yesterday and this location did not have AP ability.  The terminals did not have NFC.

    Chevron allows in store AP only - not at the pump.


    Great to see new stores coming on line.  Now they (Apple) need to improve the process.  having the transaction fail for no apparent reason got old real quick.

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    When walking into an Ocean State Job Lot yesterday I noticed they had a sign in a few windows with the ?Pay and Google Wallet logos.  It was at the top of the listed forms of payment and appeared to have been made by the local employees then taped to the glass.  Although I don't usually shop at Ocean State I was still happy to see they are accepting ?Pay.


    Oh, and if a relatively small chain of discount stores like OSJL can manage to implement NFC terminals that leaves basically all other major merchants with no excuse.

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    blazarblazar Posts: 270member
    Credit card companies should give away nfc readers to single pos businesses asap
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