1Password, Workflow iOS apps update with Apple Watch support

in Apple Watch edited April 2015
Both the 1Password and Workflow iOS apps were updated on Tuesday with new Apple Watch extensions, enabling special companion functions when used alongside Apple's upcoming wearable.


Like the core iOS app, 1Password's Watch extension provides quick access to passwords, combinations, and other saved information. The Watch functions must be enabled in the iOS software's settings however, and are only available to people who pay $10 for the Pro upgrade.

Elsewhere, the app's Message Center now includes a "Mark as Read" button and an option to disable the badge icon. The app will now also remember where users were when it was closed, saving time navigating through tabs.

The basic version of 1Password is a free download and runs on any iOS 8 device. The Pro upgrade is an in-app purchase.


Workflow is an automation tool that lets users combine different apps and actions for quick execution later. Users can, for instance, have the app automatically request an Uber to the next calendar event, tweet the most recent photo, or translate text copied to the iOS clipboard.

On the Watch, the app defaults to a view of saved workflows. Swiping to the left however reveals the Workflow Gallery, providing a list of sample Watch-oriented commands for download. Actions that require opening another app, sending a message, or making a phone call must use Handoff to switch to an iPhone.

Workflows can also be launched from the app's Glance. Since Glances are normally meant to be non-interactive, Workflow simply scrolls through a list on its own, and the selected option is activated with a tap.

The iOS app costs $3 and runs on iPhones and iPads with iOS 8 or later.
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